SOURCE: Element 21 Golf Co.

December 05, 2006 10:55 ET

E21 Golf Company Space Shot Shatters NASA Predictions

TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2006 -- Element 21 Golf Company ("E21") (OTCBB: EGLF) & Frankfurt (FWB: BJQ) is pleased to report that the golf shot by Mikhail Tyurin off the International Space Station on Thanksgiving Day has exceeded NASA predictions of a 3 day orbit, and continues to extend its record-breaking flight.

The E21 golf ball is one of the smallest objects in orbit around the Earth that is being tracked on a real time basis. The exact location of the ball at any moment can be viewed at

Mikhail, who has only played golf twice in his life, hit the ball using both arms, unlike Alan Shepard's one handed golf shot on the moon. "OK, there it goes," Mr. Tyurin noted with satisfaction. "It went pretty far. It was an excellent shot." By the end the day, the ball will have traveled over 6,000,000 miles. Every additional second of flight adds about 6 miles of distance.

Like many earthbound golf enthusiasts, his tee time was delayed, although it was not due to slow play by a foursome ahead. For nearly an hour, Mr. Tyurin worked on a kink in the cooling line to his makeshift $6 million golf outfit before he was ready to exit the ISS Golf Club house, when notably he spent another 16 minutes setting up the shot and looking around, savoring the moment, waiting to tee off for the first time on the 30 billion dollar driving range. Mikhail Tyurin used a gold-plated E21 six-iron and golf ball. Gold plating was required for the ball to make it highly reflective for laser tracking.

Mikhail may be able to answer your questions about playing golf on the International Space Station. Please address your email to, or visit

The ISS exterior camera used to broadcast the event was not in a position to offer a good view of the event. Additionally, E21's own camera was positioned just behind the tee, and filmed the event, footage of which will be made available through Element 21 Golf Company.

About Element 21 Golf Company:

Element 21 Golf Company is a Delaware company trading on the OTCBB and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB) with offices in New Jersey, USA and Toronto, Canada. E21 holds the exclusive right to manufacture golf products using its proprietary E21 Scandium Metal Alloy. Simply put, E21 clubs are using next-generation technology that delivers marked improvements in distance, consistency, accuracy and feel over any of the most popular products in the $5.5 billion U.S. golf equipment marketplace.

Based on this superior performance, a number of high profile golf professionals have switched to or have begun testing E21's Eagle One shafts in recent months.

E21 Scandium Metal Alloy is the secret behind this advanced performance. Originally developed for advanced aeronautics in jet fighters such as the MiG, it is 55% lighter and offers a 25% greater strength-to-weight advantage over Titanium alloys, the current standard in the golf equipment industry. E21 Scandium Metal Alloys allows greater freedom to move more weight to the perimeter of the club face in woods and hybrids than any other metal, resulting in a significantly larger sweet spot than any other club head. Additionally, E21 Scandium Metal Alloy shafts are almost perfectly symmetrical at 99.5-99.9%, compared to 60-78% typical in graphite shafts and 80-85% for steel.

E21 Golf - Better Science, Better Performance.

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