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November 26, 2007 14:48 ET

EFT Peru Chooses Corda PopChart® and OptiMap™ to Increase the Success of a Program Aimed at Helping the Extremely Poor in Peru

"Juntos" Program Gives Children Living in Abject Poverty the Ability to Go to School and Get Regular Medical Care

SALT LAKE CITY, UT--(Marketwire - November 26, 2007) - Corda Technologies announced that EFT Peru has opted to use PopChart and OptiMap to help government officials in Peru manage the success of a groundbreaking program called "Juntos." "Juntos," which means "together," was instituted in 2005. The program is aimed at ensuring that extremely poor children in Peru go to school and get regular medical care.

Juntos is directed by the Office of the President, the Ministries of Health and Education and the Ministerio de la Mujer (Ministry of Women). The program provides a monthly dividend of 100 soles (about 30 U.S. dollars) to mothers (married or single) living in extreme poverty. The dividend can only be received if their children attend school and get regular medical checkups. While thirty dollars a month may not seem like much, for many it's more than they make in a year. The Juntos program has affected more than one million families in Peru -- a significant number of a country that has approximately 28 million people.

When the Government of Peru contracted with EFT, the officials administering Juntos were trying to track benefits and program compliance using a series of spreadsheets. EFT implemented an Oracle database to store beneficiary information, but they still needed a visual tool that would simplify tracking, sorting, and viewing the information. After evaluating several products, EFT chose PopChart and OptiMap from Corda Technologies, Inc.

"After evaluating several products, we found the perfect match with Corda, both from a technical standpoint, but also because of the speed and agility to develop applications," said Fernando Arce, Founder and CEO of EFT in Lima, Peru. "We were very impressed with the high quality of the graphs and the functionality available in PopChart and OptiMap. Overall, we find Corda to have very flexible and easy to use tools."

The dashboards created with PopChart and OptiMap are shared across the various government agencies that are responsible for Juntos. The dashboards track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by region like:

--  Number of children living in extreme poverty
--  Number of children enrolled in the program
--  Whether the children enrolled in the program are compliant (in school
    and receiving regular medical checkups)
--  Ages of the children

Because information is now easy to access and track, the program administrators can now more effectively accomplish one of the key goals of the Juntos program: to help children receive better healthcare, nutrition, and education from the earliest age possible, and thus free themselves from extreme poverty.

"It's rare that one can experience the satisfaction of seeing one's products make such a significant and visible contribution to one of the world's nagging problems: dire poverty in the Third World," said Thomas O'Dea, executive vice president of worldwide sales at Corda. "Through our partnership with EFT we've been privileged to contribute to alleviating poverty in Peru."

The Juntos dashboard reflects changes to the data in real-time, giving the Peruvian Government insight into the most recent and accurate data. Program administrators can drill down to see the performance of the entire program, a single region, all the way down to the performance of a local office. Since installing Corda, EFT has been able to rapidly build, re-use, and clone numerous dashboards for the government of Peru that display valuable information in a clear and user-friendly format.

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