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January 22, 2007 19:00 ET

EMMA Awards Wants Shilpa Shetty to host TV show on Channel Four

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20 January 2007

Mr Luke Johnson
Channel Four
124 Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2TX

Dear Mr. Johnson

I am aware that the Channel 4 board are due to meet to discuss the future of Big Brother, which sadly has exposed the truth about Institutional racism. Clearly racist bullying had taken place but no action was taken. The real truth was that the programme's makers were just as confused as Jade Goody on what constitutes racism. The fact that Ms Sunanda Shetty (Shilpa's mother) has taken ill through stress, indicates the feelings of a mother towards racism.

Ironically, Jade Goody's racism is a product of Channel 4 through Big Brother, and to normalise any ignorance or arrogance in a Channel 4 flagship show to the wider British public as Social Entertainment does expose you to criticism, 40,000 complaints, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell 'racism as entertainment' and Ken Livingstone 'Channel Four licence should be revoked' to name a few.

The fact that Channel 4 was set up to cater for minorities as a public body has exposed its failures, why is it that Carphone Warehouse became more aware of racism with its immediate sponsorship withdrawal and not Channel Four? It maybe true that 'Today's UK is scary', as stated by Shilpa Shetty a UK visitor.

Sadly, any minority who wants to be successful like Shilpa Shetty will have a greater amount of racism attributed to them, as I found from many quarters in the ironic task of forming the EMMA Awards - a multicultural humanitarian TV show. This is also a reality show that reflects cultural contributions within our society, not controlled 24 hours like Big Brother in a luxury prison, but a real reflection of one's true professional character as shown online:

Sadly, when I approached your Director of Television to air this show in Sept 2005, he stated, 'I made a decision that it was not right for us'. This admission is amazing when considering EMMAs long-standing success with many role models created in an Island that is now fragmenting each day as a 'Union'. As we know, we are in the Awards season and media outlets will cover them all, but sadly they do not award the multicultural fight against racism/terrorism.

As Gordon Brown recently stated, 'Britain should be a Nation of tolerance and fairness', and within this spirit I offer this Multicultural Award for free to you so that we can celebrate British Diversity with Ms Shilpa Shetty as its presenter. I am however aware that there is a under belly of racism in this media industry who would rather rely on lip service and token gestures to appease minorities.

Yours sincerely,
Bobby Syed

Editors notes


Channel 4 has become embroiled in a new race row after complaints to Ofcom about racist comments on reality show Shipwrecked. A contestant made offensive remarks about black people, as well as gay and fat people.


EMMA is an organisation which strives to promote multiculturalism and quash racism in today's world. Our cultural awards ceremony highlights multicultural humanitarian achievement throughout the media industry for society's growth in the 21st century. The Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards attracts a global audience and its presence on the international stage facilitates EMMA as a significant bridge to cement multicultural exchange throughout the world. EMMAs multicultural vision means endless possibilities and continues to celebrate cultural diversity for the good and the great regardless of their race, creed or colour. This initiative was founded by Mr Bobby Syed (ex-Saatchi) in 1997 to fight racism and tackle alienation that has lead to growing terrorism.


Muhammad Ali (1999), Nelson Mandela (2000), Lord Attenborough (2001), Dr Maya Angelou (2002), Ray Charles (2002), Stevie Wonder (2003). Legends: Mahatma Gandhi (2003), Martin Luther King (2003), Bruce Lee (2004).

Held in London for 7 years at the Grosvenor House Hotel, Great Room.


Moscow (Russia) - Ritz Carlton Hotel, September 2007
New York (USA) - Waldorf Astoria, October 2007
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) - Copacabana Palace, March 2008


EMMA will be launching a new and improved website at the end of this month. This is being built in India by Iridium Interactive which displays clearly that we are working in a global village. The portal will be an interactive forum where all current issues can be freely discussed. It will include entertainment, lifestyle, world issues in our freeview section with a unique diversity section available for corporates and government bodies. The site will be a home for universal ideas/identity, promoting and airing views on global multiculturalism today.


EMMA is planning a high profile anti-racist cinema ad campaign in the future.
(This UK organisation has an 'A' political and an 'A' commercial stance).


Ms Natalie Aquilina
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