November 12, 2009 11:34 ET

ENVIROTEK Signs Strategic Alliance Partnership With Magnegas

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwire - November 12, 2009) - ENVIROTEK (PINKSHEETS: ENTK) today announced the company signed a strategic alliance partnership agreement with Magnegas, a Florida-based publicly traded patented "Plasma" Gas, equipment designer and manufacturer.

ENVIROTEK's Board of Directors today commented, the strategic alliance agreement with Magnegas allows the company to further provide additional alternative fuel and power solutions to their rapidly expanding "green" orientated customer database.

ENVIROTEK President Robert Thompson stated, "The addition of the Magnegas patented 'Plasma' gas technology and equipment further enhances our expanding portfolio of 'Green' solutions in the manufacturing and production of 'Cleaner Air,' alternative fuels and Power, produced from raw materials such as Waste Oils, landfill Gases, Algae and other toxic hazardous waste materials."

By using almost all of ENVIROTEK's strategic partnerships technologies, the end result is the transformation of waste materials to clean burning renewed energy and power, for use as Clean Burning Vehicle fuels, Including Bio-Diesel, Gasoline, and Jet Fuel and now Magnegas, a clean burning alternative to natural gas emitting oxygen and less emissions than fossil fuel through the vehicle's exhaust systems.


Magnegas is Publicly Traded (OTCBB: MNGA). Based in Palm Harbor, Florida, the company manufactures a patented Arc Flow "Plasma" gas manufacturing system that is a Patented technology Recycling Liquid Waste into a Clean Burning, Cost Competitive Fuel called "Plasma Gas," comparable and compatible with "natural Gas" for vehicle fuels, Fork Lift fuel and Arc Welding gas.

The Magnegas system produces a clean burning fuel with lower emissions than fossil fuel, while inputting Oxygen in to the atmosphere when it burns. Magnegas can be produced onsite using a mobile refinery from liquid waste such as Raw Sewage, Sludge, certain oil-based and industrial-based waste.

The Magnegas refinery can also transform other types of waterless waste materials such as "Glycerin" at a staggering ratio of 1000-1. For every cubic foot of Glycerin input the output is x 1000 of pure Plasma Magnegas plus a carbon byproduct. Glycerin is a by-product of Extreme Biodiesel's refining process which is currently sold as waste to a third party; using Magnegas technology Extreme Bio-diesel would be able to produce high volumes of natural gas as alternative vehicle fuel. Recycling Liquid Waste into a Clean Burning, Cost Competitive Fuel.

ENVIROTEK President, Robert Thompson, further stated, "We are extremely excited about the addition of the Magnegas system to our 'Green' Fuels and Energy portfolio. We are in the process of scheduling several municipality demonstration events for the Magnegas system in California alongside our already scheduled Bio-Diesel 'expansion roadshow.'"

The strategic alliance agreement with Magnegas includes the first right of refusal for exclusive distribution rights for the Magnegas systems and products in California, Nevada, USA and Korea and Malaysia overseas. The term of the alliance is renewable by mutual consent.


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About ENVIROTEK "PROVIDING TOMORROWS GREEN SOLUTIONS TODAY" Our initiative is to help change the way the world looks at the Environment, and provide solutions to "GO GREEN". ENVIROTEK is a rapidly growing company that will be introducing several innovative technology solutions to a growing crisis throughout the world. Our goal is to improve the health, environment and economy of people around the world by supplying proprietary technology that can be used in both new and existing systems to convert them to GREEN and to create Alternative Energy Solutions.

We are introducing cutting edge technology in a number of areas, Energy, Environmental Cleanup, Dead Oil Wells reclamation and Waste to fuel and power, just to name a few. Our products will not only help reduce the Co 2 green house effect, but will also be a solution to save our resources for generation to come.


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