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August 24, 2010 08:00 ET

ENXSUITE Partners With NISC on Critical Utility Billing Data

ENXSUITE Customers Able to Import Utility Bills Directly From NISC For Fast, Accurate Energy Performance Management

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 24, 2010) - ENXSUITE and National Information Solutions Cooperative® (NISC) have partnered to provide customers with easy access to utility billing data. Using ENXSUITE's industry-standard web services API, ENXSUITE and NISC customers will be able to automatically import billing data into ENXSUITE's sophisticated energy performance management platform. They will then be able to create and track energy reduction projects as financial assets using ENXSUITE's business intelligence features, ensuring energy initiatives are on target and generating measurable business results.

"Energy performance management is only as effective as the data behind it, and utility bills contain some of the most important information necessary for planning sustainability projects," said Beatriz Infante, CEO of ENXSUITE. "This partnership is a big win for our customers, who will have a convenient way to import utility data and execute their energy reduction initiatives in less time and at lower cost than ever before."

According to Stephen Oberhousen, NISC's Utility Bill Pay Business Development Manager, NISC processes utility bills for Fortune 100 and 500 clients operating in retail, banking, telecommunications, government and hospitality business sectors. "We put an emphasis on a 'First Due, First Through' standard to achieve a high level of on-time payments which reduces costly customer late fees," said Stephen. "This benefit alone sets our service apart from the rest." Through its partnership with ENXSUITE, NISC will make a significant increase in Utility Bill Pay's value by giving customers the power to see their utility billing data on a comprehensive, easy-to-access platform for energy and sustainability performance management.


ENXSUITE provides a comprehensive, integrated, on-demand energy performance management system whose actionable intelligence helps companies analyze, model, mine and manage the performance of all their enterprise-wide energy assets. Its software includes a sophisticated energy data integration platform and energy consolidation product that provides a unified view of energy, GHG, carbon, water, waste and other energy sources, and a rich set of business intelligence and data mining capabilities that enable companies to run their energy and sustainability initiatives like a business. Its modular approach enables companies of all sizes to monitor their energy consumption, model reductions and financial impact on operations, and continuously manage performance versus reduction targets. Its SaaS platform helps customers evaluate current inventories, plan for reductions based on solid ROI analysis, then execute and optimize their plans by connecting to the world's largest sustainability and energy management network.

About NISC

National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) is an information technology company that develops, implements and supports software and hardware solutions for our Members/Customers. We deliver advanced solutions, services and support to more than 520 cooperatives and other public power entities and independent telephone companies in 47 states, one U.S. territory and Canada. NISC is an industry leader providing Information Technology (IT) solutions for consumer and subscriber billing, accounting, engineering and operations, e-solutions, automated mailroom services, bill printing, third-party integration as well and other IT solutions.

NISC has facilities in both Lake Saint Louis, Mo. and Mandan, N.D. and employs more than 780 professionals between the two locations. Additional information about NISC can be found at www.nisc.coop.

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