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January 09, 2008 12:56 ET

EON Reality and Kentucky Community and Technical College System Create First Statewide Simulation-Based Learning Collaboration

Joint Collaboration Forms Interactive Digital Center to Further Implement Simulation-Based Learning and Visualization Technologies in Education and Industry

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - January 9, 2008) - EON Reality Inc., a leader in interactive visualization software and integrated display systems, has collaborated with the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) to develop an Interactive Digital Center (IDC). The new center is part of the KCTCS statewide strategic plan for integrating visualization technologies throughout KCTCS and provides a platform to develop interactive 3D applications for education and industry and a simulation technician-certified curriculum.

The center is a component within the global IDC Consortium of high-tech companies dedicated to establishing a de facto standard for real-time visualization solutions worldwide. EON Reality, NVIDIA, Hewlett-Packard and Christie Digital are the founding members of the consortium with Microsoft serving as a technical provider. The innovations that make the IDC possible are based on EON Reality's interactive 3D visualization software and solutions.

By partnering with EON Reality, KCTCS can provide students with the resources, training and programs to enable their success in tomorrow's highly competitive marketplace. Students and industry benefit from:

--  Enriched Experience: The multi-modal approach of simulation-based
    learning (SBL) improves knowledge transfer and retention as users view,
    touch, hear, interact with and sense reactions to digital objects in real-
    time, creating a memorable visual, auditory and tactile experience.
--  Life-like Virtual Presentations: An immersive presentation immediately
    grabs users' attention and generates interest, which enhances communication
    and understanding and accelerates learning and sales processes.

The synergy between EON and KCTCS has already yielded significant results:

--  A training application to instruct miners on the proper maintenance
    and use of the CSE SR-100 self-rescuer using large-scale 3D presentation
    technologies is under final development for the Kentucky Coal Academy to
    provide a specific safety training application that is more in-depth for
    new and incumbent underground coal miners.
--  In collaboration with the University of Kentucky, a unique simulation
    education was delivered for the TRY-IT (Translating Research to Youth
    through Information Technology) Program.  A program designed to expose 7th
    grade students to research experiences with the human brain, heart and
    mouth and the application of technology to present their research findings
    through use of 3D visualization technology.
--  A project highlighting the new X2 Excavator from LBX was completed and
    presented in February of 2007 to support a business and industry client
    with visualization technologies.

"The collaboration with KCTCS provides a platform for statewide reach using simulation-based learning (SBL) technologies," said Mats Johansson, chief executive officer, EON Reality. "SBL as a technology has the potential to provide more engaging content in learning, allowing for better motivated and engaged students as well as providing benefits such as improved knowledge transfer, safety training for hazardous situations and improved retention, to mention a few."

"Today's technologies for SBL have greatly enhanced the learning environment, in which a person is placed into a scenario or situation and is directly responsible for changes that occur as a result of his or her decisions," said Marly Bergerud, vice president, Education Development, EON Reality. "The recent developments in software, the Internet and virtual reality have created richer, more life-like learning experiences that truly change the way people learn."

Since its creation in 1997, KCTCS has become the largest provider of postsecondary education and workforce training in the Commonwealth. The system, which comprises 16 colleges located on 65 campuses across the state, provides a seamless path from high school to postsecondary education and the workplace by providing quality and affordable education in a structure that allows students to move easily from class to class, program to program, and college to college.

"KCTCS is dedicated to providing our students with an education tailored to meet the demands of the technologically driven, knowledge-based new economy," said Jamie Justice, KCTCS director of Visualized Learning and Innovation. "By partnering with EON Reality, KCTCS can support our business and industry clients and students with innovative training solutions tailored to meet specific client needs and applications. Additionally, these innovations can provide real time instruction in a wide variety of formats to help shorten learning cycles and provide interactive, immersive learning experiences at all levels."

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