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February 15, 2010 07:00 ET

ET Water Systems Reigns in Water Consumption With Intelligent Green Irrigation Technology

The Latest in Science and Technology Advancements Combine to Slash Water Bills by up to Fifty-Percent

NOVATO, CA--(Marketwire - February 15, 2010) -  ET Water Systems, Inc., the company that is redefining 'green' technology with the world's most advanced and efficient irrigation management systems for commercial and municipal landscapes, today announced the opportunity for businesses and municipalities nationwide to effortlessly establish water-wise landscaping practices to dramatically reduce their water consumption rates and slash monthly water bills.

According to the EPA's WaterSense Web site, landscape irrigation wastes up to 1.5 billion gallons of water every day across the country. In ET Water's home state of California alone, irrigation-related water use is 8.7 million acre feet per year. A very modest 20-percent reduction in landscape water consumption would conserve 1.74 million acre feet per year -- enough water to serve more than 2 million families for a full year.

"Our platform integrates some of today's most advanced technologies to help solve the critical global need for water conservation," said Pat McIntyre, president of ET Water Systems. "Our customers' many controllers become a state-of-the-art, interconnected computer network with centralized control and internet access, allowing real-time control and the many benefits of a flexible, upgradeable network architecture."

Today, 97-percent of installed irrigation controllers utilize out-dated, non-intelligent controllers. Upgrading these properties to ET Water's advanced irrigation control technology is a quick and economical solution to maximize water conservation and reduce water bills by up to 50-percent while prolonging the useful life of legacy irrigation system. Property owners/managers with old fashioned irrigation controllers can capture these benefits with ETwater SmartWorks™ replacement panels for Rain Bird® controllers -- a simple plug-and-play upgrade to the electronic panel assemblies of many Rain Bird models. ET Water also offers SmartWorks replacement panels for Irritrol® and Rain Master™ controllers.

"With the high cost of water in our area and the extensive plantings on the Rossmoor property, water use has always been a critical issue," said Rich Perona, landscaping manager at Rossmoor Retirement Community in Walnut Creek, California. "With ET Water Systems' intelligent irrigation technology, we have been able to simplify the management and administration of our property, and we've realized more than a 40% decrease in water use while maintaining beautiful landscapes."

ET Water Systems' Smart Controllers leverage the state-of-the-art in technology and horticultural science to automatically adjust irrigation schedules for each unique irrigation zone on a given commercial or municipal property. Based on scientifically developed landscape profiles based on plant type, soil type, sprinkler head type, sun exposure, and slope, each zone can receive the most efficient custom watering program. ET Water's platform integrates up-to-the-minute weather data from the WeatherBug® network of 9,000 local weather stations across the country, along with evapotranspiration (ET) science to account for water that is lost from the soil through evaporation and through plant transpiration. By integrating these and other critical irrigation factors, ET Water's intelligent irrigation controllers and replacement controllers for legacy irrigation systems have proven to reduce water consumption by 20-50 percent, while promoting plant health and virtually eliminating harmful fertilizer and chemical runoff.

For more information about the ETwater SmartWorks replacement controllers for legacy irrigation systems, or to discover the many the technological advancements that are making ET Water the pioneer in water conservation and green technology throughout the irrigation management industry, contact us at (888) 685-5505 or

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Since 2002, ET Water has been at the forefront of "green" technology solving one of the world's most important environmental challenges through intelligent irrigation management. By integrating the power of the internet with the state-of-the-art in software, database technology, horticulture science and weather data, ET Water is perfecting the science of landscape irrigation with systems that reduce water consumption by 20 to 50-percent or more, simplify administration, improve landscape quality, and reduce runoff pollution. To discover why some of the largest commercial and municipal properties in the world entrust their landscapes to ET Water visit

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