December 06, 2007 13:19 ET

ETS Report: Teacher Quality Has Improved During Past Decade

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - December 6, 2007) -

WHAT: ETS will release a good-news report that shows that today's teacher candidates are more academically qualified than their predecessors. The report attributes many of these positive trends to an unprecedented confluence of changes in teacher quality policies over the past eight years.

"Teacher Quality in a Changing Policy Landscape: Improvements in the Teacher Pool," a report by ETS's Policy Information Center, shows evidence that the academic profile of teacher candidates who take and pass teacher licensure assessments has improved over the past decade. The report further associates those improvements with policy changes at the federal, state and institutional levels that have addressed teacher quality issues. Please join us as the report's author, Drew Gitomer, provides an overview of the report and notable education and government experts discuss its implications for our nation's elementary and secondary schools and students.

Presenters:  Michael Nettles, Senior Vice President, Policy Evaluation and
              Research Center, ETS
             Drew Gitomer, Distinguished Researcher, Policy Evaluation and
              Research Center, ETS

Discussants: Congressman George Miller, D-CA, Chair, House Education and
              Labor Committee
             Amanda Farris, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and
              Strategic Initiatives, U.S. Department of Education
             Sharon Robinson, President and CEO, American Association of
              Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE)

WHEN:        11 a.m.-noon December 12, 2007

WHERE:       The Capitol Building
             Room HC-8
             Washington, D.C.


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