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AgraQuest Inc.

April 22, 2010 16:02 ET

Earth Day: AgraQuest Demonstrates Commitment to Earth Day and Today's Green Agricultural Revolution

DAVIS, CA--(Marketwire - April 22, 2010) -  AgraQuest Inc. will present its strategy to help power the Green Agricultural Revolution at the National Sustainable Design Expo on the National Mall in Washington DC organized by the Environmental Protection Agency. The exposition, which takes place on April 24-25, 2010, is focused on responding to the challenges of the developed and developing world in moving toward sustainability.

As invited guest presenters, AgraQuest will highlight the ways biopesticides and a "low chem" approach to global food production will reduce the impact of traditional agriculture on the environment, on field workers, and neighbors, and will result in crops with lower pesticide residues, while maintaining highly productive and profitable farming. 

AgraQuest is one of a small group of global companies selected to exhibit their innovative sustainable technologies. AgraQuest and other exhibitors including Dow Chemical, Ford and General Motors will be showcasing their innovations designed to lead their respective industries to a cleaner, more sustainable future. In addition to the exhibits, the National Sustainable Design Expo will include a competition in which students from leading universities across the country will compete for EPA's P3 Award (People, Prosperity, Planet), trying to achieve the mutual goals of economic prosperity while providing a higher quality of life and protecting the planet. 

"We're thrilled to be part of the National Sustainable Design Expo celebrating Earth Day," said Marcus Meadows-Smith, AgraQuest's CEO. "AgraQuest's corporate commitment ties directly to the P3 theme: People, Prosperity, Planet. Our mission is to power today's agricultural revolution for cleaner, safer food through effective biopesticides and innovative technologies for sustainable, highly productive farming and a better environment."  

The need for sustainable farming has become an important topic in sustainability discussions around the world since the global population is expected to grow to 9.5 billion by 2050. The United Nations has called for a 100 percent increase in world food production, but recognizes that this increased food requirement must come from the existing arable land while using fewer natural resources such as water. Higher yielding farming practices must deliver the solution.

AgraQuest continues to demonstrate this commitment by expanding its pipeline of potential new fungicides, insecticides and nematicides, and by growing its capacities for biopesticide research and development. By the end of 2009, AgraQuest had dedicated more than $130 million to the discovery, development and commercialization of biopesticides. This year, seven new biofungicides, three new bioinsecticides and a nematicide active ingredient will be evaluated in field trials, with expectation that AgraQuest will deliver new products from these leads to growers starting in 2014. 

"The celebration of Earth Day is a great time for everyone to focus their attention on the environmental and sustainability issues facing the world," said Meadows-Smith. "We are proud to be at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to improve agriculture and help feed the world. For us, it is another opportunity to focus on AgraQuest's goal: Better food and a better world."

About AgraQuest, Inc.
AgraQuest is a biotechnology company that focuses on discovering, manufacturing and marketing highly effective pest management products for agricultural, institutional and home markets. The company holds a large portfolio of its own proprietary products, as well as actively in-licenses technology that fits into its low chem portfolio. As a leader in green agriculture and the emerging low chem sector, AgraQuest works to provide growers with solutions that offer best in class control while reducing the chemical load on the environment and creating sustainable agriculture opportunities. The Agrochemical division of AgraQuest offers a global portfolio of products -- recognized as safer to beneficials, workers and the environment -- that includes SERENADE®, SERENADE® Garden, RHAPSODY®, SONATA®, AND BALLAD® fungicides and BARITONE® AND REQUIEM® insecticides. AgraQuest's BioInnovations division provides the company an avenue to take biological and low-chemical technology created for the agriculture industry and discover innovative uses for it in related markets. The BioInnovations division identifies both appropriate market segments and opportunities for AgraQuest's intellectual property, while seeking industry leaders in ancillary markets to partner in the commercialization and distribution process. AgraQuest has received several environmental awards including the Presidential Green Chemistry Award from the U.S. EPA for the discovery and commercialization of SERENADE. It also received the prestigious Global Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award in 2009 for the biopesticides market. For more information visit