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Eight-Year-Old Tells Canadians How to Play Clean and Fair Hockey; Mississauga, ON Boy Winner of National Henkel Contest

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 2, 2008) -

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From all across the country, Canadian children offered their opinions on what playing strong, clean and fair hockey means to them and an eight-year-old Mississauga boy has emerged the winner of the national Henkel Play Clean...Play Fair contest.

Expressing a wisdom and words of advice far beyond his years, Billy Strong of Mississauga, ON, with a little help from his dad, Jim, used the contest name to demonstrate the importance of teamwork, being positive and having fun. His winning entry used the first letter of Henkel Play Fair Play Clean to share his opinion that hockey is a great sport, fighting does not have a place and that it's better to rally your team with a goal than dirty playing.

"We're both really big hockey fans," said Billy. "And we're really excited to get to go to the World Championships to see the opening game of Team Canada. I play goalie for the Clarkson Hurricanes and I think playing fair and playing clean hockey are the two important things which make hockey so much fun! Playing fair means that everyone is following the rules and you know what to expect. Playing clean hockey means that players are treating one another with respect, and not trying to hurt one another."

Billy and Jim are headed to Halifax, NS to see Team Canada play at the World Hockey Tournament in May 2008, the first time the IIHF World Championships are being held in Canada.

Henkel Consumer Goods Canada Inc. launched the Play Clean...Play Fair contest last November after conducting a survey and finding that 90 per cent of Canadians overwhelmingly believed that hockey should be played strong, clean and fair, especially when children are involved. Equally important, the survey also found that many Canadians believe that parents have become too aggressive at their children's hockey games.

"As a second year sponsor of the upcoming 2008 IIHF World Championship, and as supporters of hockey at many skill levels, we launched the contest because the survey showed that Canadians were concerned about their national pastime and we thought that Canadian children might bring an interesting perspective to the discussion," said John Schofield, VP & Country Manager, Henkel Consumer Goods Canada Inc.

"From the quality of submissions and the heartfelt words they shared with us, Canada's children want hockey to be a fun, learning experience and they recognize that the issues facing hockey in general are taking that fun away from them. We selected Billy and Jim's entry as the winner because the creative way they expressed that teamwork, respect and having fun are the most important things when playing hockey really made it stand out from the rest. All of the entries were well thought out and articulate and we believe this input from Canadian children and their parents provides important and insightful learning that we should all embrace."

Out of the mouth of babes

Almost half of all Canadian households have a hockey player in their house. The survey found that 97 per cent of Canadians believe that playing hockey should be fun for everyone involved and 93 per cent believe that there should be less emphasis on winning and more emphasis on good sportsmanship and playing fairly. These themes were echoed in the entries.

- Playing "fair" means NOT hogging the puck but to pass the puck to your teammates who are closer to the net so they can score!! When everyone listens to the rules it makes playing hockey safer and more FUN!! - Hunter MacKinnon, Oakville, ON, 9

- The behaviour of the players and the fans is not appropriate. If everyone was following the rules and playing fairly, then everyone would get an equal chance to play and not just the star players. Respect is important. The fans also need to show respect to the players. - Colin Armstrong, Mississauga, ON, 12

- Play hockey with finesse instead of fists. If players are coached from a young age to play with more finesse than brutality, the game would be played the way it was intended. - Kelsey Acaster, Maple Ridge, BC, 13

- Fighting takes a lot of energy away from the game and that energy should be used for playing. Learning to follow the rules of hockey is an important part of growing up. Playing sports also teaches the three P's: practice, patience and persistence that are used in school work or your job. I believe that if hockey is played fairly then the fun would be greater. - Victoria Fedyk, Mississauga, ON, 11

- A clean, safe game of hockey is one where the players have respect for each other. Not necessarily LIKE each other, just have respect. Hockey is truly Canada's game. It is a glorious game of pride, nerve, grace, passion and skill. Notice how the words "dirty" or "ferocity" are not there? That is because this is NOT what hockey is about. - Courtnee Baker, Conception Bay South, NF, 15

- Coaches have the ability to be role models for players. By showing players how to conduct themselves and encouraging them to play fairly, they are helping to instill valuable life lessons that will stay with them no matter where they go after they take their skates off. - Andrew Wutke, Salmon Arm, BC, 13

- To me fair play is the chance to play. My mom couldn't afford anything then my neighbour took me to the outdoor hockey league which is a free league. To me, fair play is everyone gets to play. - Zachary Smith, Regina, BC, 10

- The most important thing is to have fun and try your hardest at every game regardless if you are a good skater or not. It is better to get assists than goals, assist means you are playing as a team and sharing the glory. Fair play is a choice not only made by the players, but also by coaches, parents and officials. - Thomas Aquin, Calgary, AB, 9

- Parents are there to support, not criticize!! Nothing else is needed out there parents!! - Samantha Nielsen, Halifax, NS, 12

- Playing hockey fairly is important so you can play instead of stopping all the time. It is important so the players won't get hurt as often. The game would be smoother and faster because the refs wouldn't have to stop the play so much. Maybe the fans would stop yelling at the officials. Players might stop cheating. - Brendan Fox, Mississauga, ON, 12

- Clean hockey is about making great friends, having lots of fun and creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. - Calvin Cairns, Snow Lake, MB, 16

- Hockey's about helping others learn new things, discovering that everyone brings different skills to a team and knowing that by working together, there is little that isn't possible. It's about being strong when you didn't think you were strong. - Colin Haugen, Oakville, ON, 9


The Henkel Play Fair...Play Clean Contest ran until March 31, 2008. Canadians six to 16 years of age could team up with their parents or legal guardians, log onto www.henkelpowerplayers.ca and follow the on-screen instructions to submit an original essay of 250-500 words about playing fair and clean hockey.

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Billy & Jim Strong's Winning Entry

H ockey is a great sport.
E veryone shakes hands before or after the game.
N ew players and old,
K now to
E ncourage their teammates.
L et's get the next goal!

P layers are positive
L eaving or entering the ice
A lways smile
Y ou'll look and feel great!

F ighting does not have a place
A round our great sport
I t is better to
R ally your team with a goal!


P layers should play cleanly,
L ook out for others too
A nd
Y ou will always have good memories!

C oaches teach us how to play the game
L et's have fun!
E ach and every coach says,
A nd we do!
N HL, here we come!

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