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November 15, 2005 09:00 ET

Electric Cloud Releases First Tool for Diagnosing and Repairing Slow or Broken Builds

ElectricInsight™ Is the Only Tool Providing Fine-Grained Visibility Into Software Build Structure and Performance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2005 -- Electric Cloud today announced the release of ElectricInsight, a milestone improvement in the way software builds are conducted and understood, and the latest update to their software build acceleration product, ElectricAccelerator 3.0. Instead of manually pouring over tens of thousands of lines of information in a build output file, ElectricInsight provides a simple graphical window into the build, so that error detection and performance tuning that once took hours or days can now be done in seconds.

Builds have typically been "black boxes" in development organizations, with only a few key people able to manually analyze errors and adjust for better performance. There has traditionally been little visibility into why a build was slow, why a build broke, or what dependencies were involved. For the first time ElectricInsight actually shows developers how the build is structured and run, empowering everyone on the team to pinpoint errors or conflicts in a parallel build. ElectricInsight mines the information produced by Make to graphically describe builds. ElectricInsight then provides an easy-to-understand, graphical representation of the build structure for performance analysis. It provides detailed information and reports on each job on each node of the build cluster, helping users identify which jobs are being performed, when, and with what files for at-a-glance diagnostics.

ElectricInsight is an add-on to the ElectricAccelerator 3.0 product, providing the diagnostic and acceleration tools that Electric Cloud customers like Expedia, Intuit and Qualcomm need to gain maximum speed and efficiency from their parallel build environments.

Electric Cloud breaks the software "build bottleneck," helping organizations improve engineering productivity and gain control over their builds as a critical component of the development process. Electric Cloud software tools dramatically reduce build times, make both full and incremental builds accurate, and provide the visibility and agility companies need to continuously improve their build environment.

"For too long, the inner workings of builds were a mystery understood by only a few 'build masters' in an organization," said Mike Maciag, Electric Cloud CEO. "With ElectricInsight and ElectricAccelerator 3.0 our customers can now see clearly how their build works, how to achieve the fastest, most bullet-proof builds, and ultimately how to get better products to market faster."

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Electric Cloud breaks the software build bottleneck, improving engineering productivity and helping teams maintain control over the development process in the face of ever-increasing product complexity and time-to-market pressures. Electric Cloud's patent-pending technology accelerates the development lifecycle with tools that reduce build times, make both full and incremental builds accurate, and provide the visibility teams need to continuously improve their build environment. The company's products are in use by leading enterprises such as Qualcomm, Intuit, and Force 10. Based in Mountain View, California, Electric Cloud is funded by top-tier venture firms, Mayfield, U.S. Venture Partners and RRE Ventures. For customer inquiries please contact Electric Cloud at (650) 968-2950 or

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