Electric Mobility Canada

Electric Mobility Canada

November 28, 2008 10:59 ET

Electric Mobility Canada Addresses Questions Regarding the Viability of Low-Speed Electric Vehicles in Mixed-Use Environments

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 28, 2008) - Electric Mobility Canada responds to a number of recent news stories concerning the viability of low-speed electric vehicles like the ZENN Motor Company low speed vehicle in mixed use environments.

Low-speed electric vehicles are a separate class of vehicle as defined by Transport Canada from regular passenger cars. They are designed for use in low-speed urban areas. Low speed electric vehicles have a regulated top speed of 40 km/h and are able to legally operate on roads with posted speed limits of up 50 km/h. This class of vehicle is one of many low-speed vehicle alternatives available to consumers today such as light motorcycles, scooters, electric bicycles and bicycles.

Low-speed electric vehicles are statistically amongst the safest classes of vehicles in the world. A single manufacturer Reva, who sell their low speed electric vehicles throughout Asia and Europe and have amassed over 50 million kilometres in mixed use environments, report that there have been no associated fatalities with this particular vehicle. Similarly, with over 10 years of statistical data available from the United States, and a fleet of over 45, 000 low-speed electric vehicles in operation on public roads there have no associated fatalities with this class of vehicle.

The growing concern for air quality in urban centres has led to a surge in popularity of this class of vehicle in several countries as they are most often a fully electric vehicle emitting no pollutants and delivering significant operating cost savings.

Low-speed vehicles are not only amongst the safest classes of vehicles for drivers and passengers, but their lightweight construction ensures the protection of other lightweight vehicles and pedestrians in the event of a collision. On an annual basis in Toronto, 50% of urban traffic related fatalities were pedestrians or cyclists who were stuck by heavy, faster moving passenger vehicles.

The overwhelming truth is that on public roads higher speeds and poor air quality from vehicle emissions represent the greatest threat to public safety. Low-speed electric vehicles are by definition, restricted in their use and represent a safe, viable alternative to heavy, faster moving passenger vehicles in densely populated urban centres.


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