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May 29, 2007 14:15 ET

Electronic Design Engineers, Technicians Test Circuits Anywhere With New Cordless, Battery-Operated Bench Top Power Supply From R&R Tech

The 'PS-1' Expedites Product Development, Prevents Long-Term Test Outages

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - May 29, 2007) - R&R Technologies, Inc. -- an engineering company whose clients have included DuPont, Honeywell and IBM -- announced today the release of its PS-1 Power Supply, a portable bench top power supply with built-in rechargeable batteries that allows engineers to conveniently test low-power circuits without cord or power-main limitations and accelerate product development.

Many engineers at electronics manufacturers and repair houses must test, debug and develop their products with power supplies that are effectively immobile and isolated from the PCs, software or firmware they need to efficiently complete projects, said Bill Rochat, the co-owner of R&R Technologies, Inc. The PS-1, he said, was designed to help engineers and technicians move devices to more convenient workstations to complete development without compromising the integrity of their test environments or being restricted by wall outlets.

Engineers can use the battery-operated PS-1 to set up long-term tests that are less susceptible to test-stopping power outages or glitches than corded power supplies. The portable PS-1 can -- depending on the test load -- run for days on a full charge, facilitate field-testing and support true power-main-independent testing.

R&R's PS-1 works with devices that run at 1.2 to 15 volts in end-user applications and its adjustable-voltage functionality allows engineers to test devices at various stages in their lifecycles. The PS-1 includes a three-digit LED display and has an adjustable-current limit of 10 to 1,000 mA.

"We test circuits just about every day, and it just became really frustrating for us to run back and forth from our power supply to our computers to get our work done," said Rochat, the PS-1's designer. "We know we're not the only ones bound to our power supplies, so we finally said, 'Why don't we design a battery-operated one?'"

Rochat added that the PS-1 shuts off immediately and cuts power to a device being tested when it detects overload conditions. The PS-1 alerts users to overload conditions via a beeping alarm and a flashing display light.

The PS-1 also comes with a cord and a jack on the front panel to give users the ability to use power mains. The front-panel jack helps prevent the cord tugging that can damage a device being tested and is often associated with back-panel jacks.

For more information on R&R Technologies' PS-1 Power Supply -- including pictures, specs, interface details and its manual -- visit

The PS-1 retails for $179 and RS-232 or USB interface options can be added for an additional $40. R&R Tech offers users complimentary firmware updates for the PS-1 from its Website. The PS-1 can be purchased online at

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