SOURCE: Element 21 Golf Co.

September 12, 2005 16:07 ET

Element 21 Finalizes Lineup of Wedges

IRVINE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 12, 2005 -- Element 21 Golf Company (E21) (OTC BB: EGLF) announced today that it has completed the design phase of its innovative new line of wedges. The wedges will include 52 degree, 56 degree and 60 degree models that will feature the revolutionary new Eagle One shafts made from E21's new Scandium alloy. Tooling for commercial production is well underway. A preview of the new clubhead designs is available at

The wedges use E21's patented new Contact Signature Tuned system (CST SystemTM) which uses advanced proprietary software to calculate and match the club head performance to E21's advanced scandium metal alloy shafts to provide optimal head responsiveness. Through an optimum balance of launch angle and spin rate, E21 has developed easy-to-hit wedges that provide superior feel, improved accuracy and unmatched consistency from club to club. These wedges with the E21 shafts will offer players a greater spin rate with a higher launch angle enabling them to stop the ball on the green.

A unique muscle back design, with Twin Peaks elongated on the center axis of the club back, offers a solid feel with an extremely consistent ball flight and trajectory. This peaked muscle back design actually raises the center of gravity behind the sweet spot for more carry distance on center hit shots. This design acts to focus the transfer of energy into the sweet spot of the club face. An additional benefit from the element gated Twin Peaks design is its ability to track straight through sand or turf by controlling the displacement of the ground beneath the club as contact is being made with the golf ball.

The weighted sole plate affords the capability to cut through even the worst rough, and get the ball up in the air. Simultaneously, the leading edge radius ensures a true contact signature with the ball even from a poor lie.

"Based on the extensive player testing we have performed, we are confident that our new wedges will become a valued addition to many player's bags,'' stated Jim Morin, Executive Vice President in charge of Product Development. "The pinpoint accuracy of our wedges coupled with their tremendous feel will certainly lead to improved scoring. Players change wedges frequently, and as such, our wedges could become E21's market leader in delivering news of the Scandium performance advantages faster and to a broader audience."

According to industry sources, the market for wedges is nearly $100 million, out of about $4.5 billion spent on golf equipment annually.

E21 is also pleased to introduce a new system of measuring accuracy by measuring the statistical average landing area of the ball around the target, much like shots in or around a bull's-eye. By measuring the landing area and final placement of golf shots hit by a robotic arm, the bull's-eye approach gives a meaningful insight into the accuracy and consistency of a given club being tested. The average dispersion off-center is multiplied by an average dispersion along the center line to give the landing footprint measured in square feet. In recent tests using identical club heads and comparing scandium metal alloy shafts to popular leading alternatives, the E21 scandium metal alloy shaft's landing area was 250% smaller than that of competitive shafts.

Simply put, the E21 shafts provide the lowest level of dispersion available. This translates to real world results on the golf course where players can expect to land closer to their intended target because they are hitting the most accurate and consistent golf club on the market.

About Element 21:

Element 21 is relying on its experience working with advanced scandium metal alloys to introduce this unique space-age material to the golf industry. Scandium alloys were originally developed for applications in aeronautics: MiG series fighter jets and leading edge missile applications, as well as the International Space Station.

Scandium metal alloy clubs represent the first new innovation in material composition of golf clubs to hit the industry in decades. Scandium not only provides significant increases in distance, but more importantly, added accuracy and consistency. Due to their advanced composition, coupled with numerous design innovations, these clubs will offer improved feel while reducing shock transfer to the player's hands.

E21 scandium metal alloy clubs -- experience the material difference!

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