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April 23, 2008 11:29 ET

Eloqua® Campaign Management Simplifies the Development, Execution and Measurement of Marketing Programs

New Eloqua Campaign Composer™ Features an Intuitive Campaign-Planning Environment, Flexible Reporting and Dashboards That Let Marketers Read Their Prospects' Digital Body Language

TORONTO--(Marketwire - April 23, 2008) - Eloqua Corporation, the leading supplier of automated demand generation applications and expertise for business-to-business (B2B) marketers, today announced powerful new campaign management capabilities that help B2B marketers quickly plan, deploy and analyze sophisticated marketing campaigns. Eloqua Campaign Composer, an intuitive campaign-planning environment designed to match how marketers approach campaign development, allows marketers to create successful demand generation programs to engage, nurture and qualify sales leads. Flexible reporting features let marketing departments analyze campaign results in a way that matches their business organization. New contact activity overview dashboards instantly reveal to marketing and sales teams their prospects' digital body language -- like email responses and web site activity -- so they can quickly qualify those leads that are demonstrating buying behavior.

"Marketers have always struggled to precisely measure their impact on the business. Eloqua's new release makes it easier for marketers to create and measure campaigns, easier to reach prospects and easier to complete their day-to-day activities," said Joe Payne, president and CEO of Eloqua. "When marketers can more clearly see the cause and effect of their campaigns, they can systematically generate, rank and measure responses that matter to sales teams. All of this adds up to more successful campaigns that generate more closed business."

Eloqua Conversion Suite™ is the industry's leading family of integrated demand generation applications for businesses that expect measurable results from their marketing efforts. An on-demand solution, Eloqua measures buyers' digital body language -- behavior like email responses, web site visits and other online indicators of buying interest -- that salespeople cannot see. By automating and integrating the key demand generation functions of direct and interactive marketing, prospect profiling, nurturing, scoring and distribution of sales leads, Eloqua improves the quality and quantity of sales opportunities, increases efficiency and accelerates the entire selling process.

Managing multi-part campaigns simplified through a single intuitive application

"As professional marketers we don't just develop individual emails or direct mail pieces, we develop comprehensive marketing campaigns," said Amede Hungerford, senior director, Americas Marketing, Sybase. "The new Campaign Composer in Eloqua mirrors the way that we work, giving us visibility into the results of our campaigns, which in turn gives us the ability to better evaluate and improve the success of our marketing programs."

With Eloqua's new Campaign Composer, marketers can manage multi-part campaigns in a single complete on-demand environment. They can set up, execute and report on multi-step, multi-touch campaigns and group dozens of marketing assets such as emails, landing pages, web forms and SMS messages into a single campaign. They can then quickly deploy, analyze and adjust campaigns on the fly to maximize results. Campaign Composer tightly integrates with CRM and SFA systems to ensure that sales and customer service teams can see how their contacts are responding to marketing communications, including summary activity metrics and dashboards, so they can plan their follow up accordingly.

"Eloqua's new contact activity dashboard gives my team actionable insight about prospects that simply wasn't available in the past without hours of manual report analysis across multiple point solutions," said David Lewis, president and founder, DemandGen. "Now, in a single glance I can instantly read the digital profile of my buyer, and use this data to improve my campaigns on the fly to maximize results."

Build campaigns for your business that generate your kind of leads

Eloqua developed Campaign Composer based on its experience with hundreds of businesses executing thousands of campaigns. Because campaigns can vary across organizations of different sizes and in different industries, Campaign Composer is designed for maximum flexibility. Marketing teams can develop and execute campaigns of varying complexity, length and structure, incorporating both online and offline channels. Marketers can easily configure Eloqua Campaign Trees, hierarchies that roll up campaign reporting across marketing assets, programs, product lines, geographies or any combination of factors that helps marketers meet their business reporting needs.

Campaign Composer gives marketers greater control to determine which campaign responses matter most to sales. Using new Lead Ranking rules, users can precisely define lead quality based on specific types of desired campaign responses. Now marketers can see how their campaigns performed compared to others, and predict what type of campaign responses will provide the highest return on investment.

Reach prospects how they want to be reached

Eloqua Conversion Suite helps companies take advantage of new channels like SMS and Call OnDemand services, in addition to email, direct mail and web-based channels, to improve campaign effectiveness and response rates. Marketers can tap into the global reach of SMS and the ubiquity of mobile phones to send their messages, or employ Eloqua's integrated Call OnDemand services to engage prospects through text-to-speech communications.

"Our research indicates that companies spend 92 percent of their field marketing dollars to get prospects in to the top of the 'sales funnel,' meaning that only 8 percent of field marketing budgets are left to support sales in their conversion of these leads to opportunity and then to closed business," noted Tony Jaros, vice president of research at analyst firm SiriusDecisions. "Companies need to alter this mix to more of a 65/35 ratio to make their field marketing efforts more effective and by doing so to improve funnel performance. Conducting multi-part campaigns that extend the length of the funnel is one way to do just that."

About the Eloqua Conversion Suite

Eloqua Conversion Suite, which is available in Enterprise, Team and Express and Lite versions, meets the needs of a wide range of businesses, from small companies to global enterprises. It is the industry's leading family of integrated demand generation applications for businesses that expect measurable results from their marketing efforts. An on-demand solution, Eloqua automates and integrates the key marketing and sales functions of email, direct mail, prospect profiling, website analytics, campaign analytics and sales force automation to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads, eliminate waste and accelerate the entire selling process.

About Eloqua Corporation

Eloqua provides the leading integrated demand generation applications and expertise for executing, automating and measuring highly effective B2B marketing programs. Eloqua drives the entire marketing process from contact to close, while making prospect interest and intent visible at every step. With leading technology backed by expert professional services, Eloqua automates best practices in demand generation for marketers who need to produce a continuous flow of qualified leads for a professional sales force. Eloqua's customers include Sybase, Seagate, Nokia, MySQL, Administaff, Nuance and many other leading B2B marketers. Eloqua Corporation is headquartered in Toronto with offices throughout North America and in the UK and Singapore. For more information, please visit or call 866-327-8764.

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