Fondation Québec Skate Plaza

Fondation Québec Skate Plaza

June 17, 2010 11:37 ET

Emerica's Wild in the Streets Coming to Montreal to Support the Quebec Skate Plaza Foundation

MONTRÉAL, QUÉBEC--(Marketwire - June 17, 2010) -

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Attention, skateboarders, Medias, industry peoples, friends and fans of noble causes. The following message is to officially inform and invite you to take part in the greatest skateboard aficionados gathering in the country. The time has come to stop the useless projects and step forward with the resources that the foundation will made possible in order to work in collaboration with the responsible authorities and competent organisations.

On Sunday June 20th, Montreal will host one of the four Wild in the Streets official stops. The meeting point will be around the Mont Royal's Tam-tams (corner of du Parc Avenue and Rachel Street) at 2pm.

Come one, come all and bring your skateboard all in the name of The Québec Skate Plaza Foundation!!

Get a taste of 2009's Wild In The Streets in Vancouver by clicking

All together on our skateboards for the Foundation Québec Skate Plaza ( with part of the Emerica pro team ( in support for the cause in the streets of Montreal.

The goal of Wild in the Streets is to build community & raise awareness of skateboarding and the needs of skateboarders. It is our hope that Wild in the Streets will someday take on the character of a large-scale, decentralized grassroots movement for the benefit of skateboarders everywhere. We believe in the ability of skateboarders to empower themselves to do great things. It is a very effective tool for drawing attention and should always be treated with respect, and wielded wisely. Wild in the Streets is not solely an Emerica team event; it belongs to skateboarders everywhere! Be a part of something amazing!

Go Wild in the Streets of Montreal with the Emerica Team on June 20, 2010.


Taking its cues from a diverse history of "organized coincidences" and happenings such as motorcycle rallies, Reclaim the Streets festivals and Critical Mass bicycle rides, Emerica's Wild in the Streets is an unconventional skateboarding event born on the streets of New York City in 2004. Pedestrian jaws drop at the sight of hundreds of skateboarders invading downtown districts en masse. The premise is simple: meet up with the Emerica team at a starting point and go street skating, literally, throughout the city, eventually ending up at a block party barbecue, where the skating continues!


The Québec Skate Plaza Foundation's goal is to promote a healthy skateboard industry in the province of Québec. The foundation will support financing of future Skate Plaza construction and assuring that each skate park project is built to skateboarder's high standards. Wild In The Streets Montréal aims to raise money and awareness for the project and begin a new skateboarding legacy in the province of Québec.


Wild in the Streets is the attempt to gather skateboarders of every age, color and creed to converge on city streets around the globe in the celebration of pure skateboarding. We declare that skateboarding is no longer a spectator sport. We believe in demolishing the invisible barriers that separate pro skaters from the rest of us. Wild in the Streets is comprised of all equal participants. We also contend that conventional organized skateboarding competitions and events are, in effect, a misrepresentation of skateboarding, safely and conveniently re-packaged for mainstream corporate consumption. Wild in the Streets is about challenging conformity. And we acknowledge that the very society that has marginalized us as skateboarders is now formally engaged in the penetration and misappropriation of our original and distinct skate culture. They, in turn, feed it back to us as more mind-polluting product propaganda. Wild in the Streets is about reclaiming ownership.

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