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December 05, 2006 13:05 ET

Empirix Provides Most Comprehensive IMS Test and Monitoring Coverage at GMI 2006

Company Participates in Worldwide Interoperability Event for the Third Consecutive Session

BEDFORD, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2006 --Empirix® Inc., which helps organizations adopt complex communications solutions with confidence, announced today observations on its recent participation at the MultiService Forum's (MSF) Global Multi-Vendor Interoperability Event 2006 (GMI 2006), which took place in October of this year.

GMI 2006 was supported by Empirix at four sites, which included British Telecom in the United Kingdom; NTT in Japan; Verizon in Waltham, Mass.; and the University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab. In addition, GMI used four of Empirix's solutions for the event:

--  Hammer FX-IP, for IP call generation: used to simulate SIP callers and
    significantly more complex IMS-end user devices (which were scarce at the
--  Hammer FX-TDM, for TDM call generation: used to generate and terminate
    SS7 calls into the IMS core to test priority calling;
--  Hammer Call Analyzer: used to help local monitoring and
    troubleshooting of registration and call traces; and
--  Hammer XMS: used to capture the traffic at all open interfaces for
    monitoring and analysis.
Empirix found the event demonstrated that there has been a lot of progress made in terms of actual IMS implementations and the ability to interoperate between vendors and domains. According to Gordon Beith, Senior Product Manager at Empirix, who was Empirix's team leader at the GMI 2006 event, "While those of us familiar with IMS recognize there is a tremendous need for close coordination between vendors and operators in order to enable certain options, we were pleasantly surprised at how seamlessly this played out at GMI 2006. The positive experience at GMI 2006 gave us the confidence that we can achieve interoperability with IMS elements and networks without any trouble."

As part of GMI's next initiative, one of the key areas identified by participants for further investigation was the variation between vendors in how they handled IMS-aware endpoints.

Empirix is continuing with its mission to help enable the adoption of complex new technology waves, such as IMS, through its involvement with the MSF and other major industry forums. As part of this initiative, Empirix will be a key participant in the IMS Forum's upcoming Plugfest event in January 2007.

"As a company that has been at the forefront of the development of several new technologies over the years -- such as CTI, TDM/PSTN, VoIP, next-generation, and now IMS-based networks -- we understand the importance of interoperability, and the use of test and monitoring tools to help vendors and service providers overcome their implementation differences," said Duane Sword, Vice President of Product Management at Empirix. "We've seen the migration toward IMS coming for a while now, and in response Empirix has developed a comprehensive set of testing and monitoring solutions that its customers need to make IMS successful. Our solutions are already in use at several customer sites, and as a result Empirix was recently named the leader in IMS Voice Testing and Monitoring by research firm Frost & Sullivan. A distinction we're proud to have as IMS begins to take off."

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About GMI 2006

GMI 2006 will bring together dozens of carriers and vendors to test the interoperability of IMS-based infrastructure components in a real-world setting. Providing a test-bed for the full spectrum of hardware, processes and services needed to assemble an effective next-generation delivery platform, GMI 2006 is designed to validate MSF Release 3 Implementation Agreements covering a wide range of topics including roaming across multiple network types (including cellular and WiFi), QoS issues (including session border control and bandwidth management), and interoperability with 3GPP release 4. Five of the world's top carriers -- BT, KT, NTT, Verizon and Vodafone and a world-class test facility UNH-IOL -- will host the event to provide world-class networked test facilities spanning 3 continents. Comprising a massive 'real network' trial of the MSF IMS-compatible (IP Multimedia System) Release 3 architecture, this event is critically important to any carrier or vendor committed to building or implementing infrastructure elements compatible with IMS.

About the MSF

The MultiService Forum is a global association of service providers and system suppliers committed to developing and promoting open architecture, multiservice networks. Founded in 1998, the MSF is an open membership organization comprised of the world's leading telecommunications companies. The MSF's activities include developing Implementation Agreements, promoting worldwide compatibility and interoperability, and encouraging input to appropriate national and international standards bodies. For more information about the MSF and its members, visit the MSF web site at

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