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April 14, 2010 10:19 ET

Encounter Technologies, Inc. (ENTI) Signs New Promotional Campaign and Purchases New Domain Names for

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - April 14, 2010) -  Encounter Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ENTI) announced today the company purchased the domain name from a private source which will replace their current web address. In addition, the company also purchased,, and which will expand its offering to internet television and mobile as well.

The company also replaced its marketing contract with Spire Investment Group in favor of a more direct campaign which will focus on their target audience for This move is part of a revamped marketing strategy implemented by upper management. The company will retain Mpower Entertainment as their new advertising/marketing agency will deliver a more effective and targeted media campaign.

The campaign will include:

1) 30 and 60 second Television commercials to allow for the complete information that will be necessary to have a lasting effect on all prospective clients and allow for direct response. This production will be a combination of both custom animation (animation type to be determined) of the MusicMatrix logo and a spokes person using the site to demonstrate the features with engaging graphics and music as well as dynamic presentations of the website to emphasize the message. These commercials will be both informational commercials asking for people to act now and branding commercials to promote your service for future needs. 

2) 2 minute web instructional promotional video of the many different features of the site for placement on the site.

3) 30 and 60 second versions of the television commercial for distribution within in-stream video networks, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The commercials will be shot in High-Definition with film like quality for output into the immediately needed formats as well as for future promotions.

The campaign will target consumers by giving them information on the site as well as details of current promotions including participating record labels, recording artists, prizes, and deadlines.

Mpower will be placing spots on networks that are currently delivering popular music and pop culture to the 18-25 demographic. These networks carry programming that is specific to the demographic that is being targeted and inventory is cost-effective.


Programs Targeted and schedule:

The schedule would be an 18 hr rotator. This would cover programming between the hours of 6am to 12am M-Sun. Programming during this time would include popular programs (The Hills, The Real World, Attack of The Show, Top 20 Countdown, Hip Hop Shop, Robot Chicken, etc.) with ratings averaging from 1.0 to 2.0 and above.

This would result in a Televised nationwide spread of 842 :30 and :60 sec commercials. The strategy being to focus 50-65% during the months of May to August when the demographic is not in school and home or on interactive media devices. The latter part of the year, September through December, will be maintenance, holding the final push near Christmas for the release of Christmas music as well as driving traffic through a New Year's Eve event.

Television Networks that will air MusicMatrix's spots will include MTV, MTV2, BET, Comedy Central, G4, fuse, VH1, family, A&E, Animal Planet, BBC America, Bio, Bravo, Cartoon Network, FX, TNT, Fox News, TLC, Spike, CNBC, CNN, Discovery, E, ESPN, Food Network, SPEED, Lifetime, HGTV, and Hallmark.

Internet Video:

The ad format that has been so incredibly impactful on television -- sight, sound, and motion -- Marketers call it everything from pre-roll to in-stream to online TV ads but what they really mean is a sight, sound, and motion ad that lets you tell a story, in a similar way to television. What's different online is that the ads become clickable and you can continue your interaction with your customer. Mpower will also utilize a nationwide spread of the televised :30 and :60 sec commercials across the internet on In-stream video networks. This network has sites that aggregate content like a Hulu -- sites like and It also has TV network sites like AMC,, WB, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. You can also access how-to content, sports content, news content, and even online games targeting Fuse, Fandango, Billboard, etc. All websites with ad sponsored videos, previews, music. 

The strategy here is also to focus 50-65% during the months of May to August when the demographic is not in school and home or on interactive media devices. The latter part of the year, September through December, will be maintenance, holding the final push near Christmas for the release of Christmas music as well as driving internet traffic through a New Year's Eve event, and doing a podcast from Times Square for members, etc. Utilizing Mpower's Video Network of 100+ sites that reach millions and millions of viewers every day. 

Internet Networks Include:

Networks for internet video include YouTube, next new networks, MovieLine, Dance Dance Revolution,, eHow,, Track&Field online, The Huffington Post,, Sling, AMC,, Universal Music Group, VideoJug,, Marvel, imeem, World Challenge,,,, TV Guide,, BUZZNET, Fandango, and G4. To name a few.

Between these two online platforms, we have access to over 15M views per day.

Social Media:

Mpower will also submit the video to all of the free social networking sites and work with developers to ensure optimum back link connection of greater intrinsic SEO. This includes Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube (non-paid), Facebook, etc. 

About Mpower Media
Mpower Enterteainment is a full service advertising agency that has been empowering local businesses since 1999. Throughout their 10 year history they have specialized in assisting over 3000 companies, both local and national, in creating, developing, and establishing a lasting brand through their comprehensive portfolio of advertising services. All of their services are designed around the ideals of making advertising and marketing cost-effective, engaging, and consistent.

On, users are able to participate in music video editing competitions in order to win both prizes and recognition. Encounter Technologies, Inc. (ENTI) has developed a cutting edge, innovative, and simple to use platform for which facilitates the video uploading, editing, sharing, and viewing experiences. By creating an environment which rewards both innovation and creativity, users are given the incentive to implement their own unique online marketing campaigns in order to expose a particular artist or song to populations and demographics not typically reached through standard mass campaigns.

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