Society of Energy Professionals

Society of Energy Professionals

September 18, 2008 19:11 ET

Energy professionals welcome renewables announcement

Attention: Assignment Editor, Business/Financial Editor, Energy Editor, News Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 18, 2008) - Ontario's energy minister is getting it right, says a spokesperson for Ontario's energy professionals.

"Minister Smitherman gave us some confidence today that the government is renewing its emphasis on renewable forms of energy," said Rod Sheppard, president of the Society of Energy Professionals. "He's directed the Ontario Power Authority to have another look at biomass fuels and pumped generation, and we'd back both of those forms of energy."

"He also confirmed that hydroelectric and nuclear power remain at the core of our electricity system, and we're very supportive of that."

Hon. George Smitherman, Minister of Energy and Information, was the keynote speaker earlier today at a conference of the Ontario Energy Association. He announced that the government had directed the OPA to "review" part of its Integrated Power Supply Plan, and to place greater emphasis on renewable forms of energy and conservation.

"We've been advocating the use of biomass fuels in Ontario's coal-fired stations," Sheppard said. "OPG has run some successful tests, and we see a green future for it."

Biomass conversion involves replacing coal with such non-food biowaste as wheat shorts and wood waste. Burning biomass could dramatically reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and pollutants produced by coal-fired electricity generators.

Pumped storage involves pumping water back up to hydroelectric storage reservoirs during non-peak hours, and using it again during peak ones.

The Society of Energy Professionals represents 7,000 professional employees-engineers, scientists, middle management, information technology personnel, and others in Ontario's electricity sector, including at OPG, Bruce Power, Hydro One, Toronto Hydro, and the Ontario Energy Board. The Society supports the government's conservation and renewable-power goals, and the need of the public for affordable, reliable, and secure electricity.
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