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Enersource Corporation

February 09, 2007 12:11 ET

Enersource Corporation Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 9, 2007) -

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Enersource Corporation, one of Ontario's largest local distribution companies today celebrates 90 years of delivering electricity to the citizens of Mississauga.

The City of Mississauga that we know today was once called the Township of Toronto. It was a vast rural area in the year 1917, with farmers slowly discovering the benefits of electricity and simple hydro and telecommunication lines appearing on the landscape linking family farms with life in the township's commercial hubs, the villages of Streetsville and Port Credit. It was in this setting, following special legislative approval, and exactly 90 years ago today, the Township of Toronto Hydro Electric Commission was formed. That fledgling Commission later merged with the two village hydro utilities becoming the Mississauga Hydro Electric Commission. In the year 2000 a new name Enersource emerged associated with the commercial restructuring of the Corporation, introducing several Enersource affiliates including Enersource Hydro Mississauga, which now delivers power to over 180,000 customers.

"This is a great milestone for our company and the dedicated people -, active, retired and departed - who have each left their indelible stamp on our organization over its 90 year history," said Gunars Ceksters, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enersource Corporation. "We look forward to many more successes ahead, applying our strengths and leadership to the task of building excellence in the electricity delivery system and to bringing value to our customers."

No reflection upon the history of Enersource Corporation would be complete without recognizing Mississauga's Mayor, Hazel McCallion who has served continuously for 37 years on the various Commissions and Boards of the utility. "I am very proud of the accomplishments of Enersource and happy that I have been able to continue to play a part in our utility's growth and success in the marketplace," said McCallion. "Over the years I have learned so much about this vital industry while serving with great business leaders like those on our current Board, Chaired by Alex Taylor, and great minds like that of Alan Bradley who contributed 27 years in the seventy's through ninety's as a Commissioner and Chair of Enersource during a period which brought focus on customers and operational efficiency: characteristics that remain as trademarks for Enersource today."

"Mississauga's electricity customers have been very well served over the past 90 years," said Energy Minister Dwight Duncan. "Today Enersource is independently ranked as one of the lowest-cost electricity distributors in Ontario, while consistently delivering the highest standard of reliability to its customers. On this milestone anniversary, I congratulate Enersource and the communities it serves."

Enersource and its founding hydro utilities achieved many firsts over the years, from the early 1900's as the first township to contract for electricity with Ontario Hydro, to the 1950's as it began to innovate with underground distribution through residential neighbourhoods and set records as a municipality supporting the development of 1,000 electrically heated homes. "We've come full circle, from those years when it was fashionable to expand the use of electricity with promotions like "Live Better Electrically," said Ceksters. "Adapting to the times, we value our role today as an advocate for conservation. We also take pride in our focus on safety and the marvelous achievement of our Employees in 2002 setting the best utility safety record ever in Canada by exceeding 3 million hours worked without a lost time injury."

Enersource Corporation is a diversified energy and technologies company focusing on quality of service with the distribution of electricity, the promotion and delivery of conservation and smart metering solutions to meet government objectives, and increasing involvement in distributed generation to enhance provincial electricity supply. The Corporation is 90% owned by the City of Mississauga, and 10% owned by BPC Energy Corporation (Borealis), a subsidiary of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System.

See Backgrounder, or visit www.enersource.com, for more about Enersource and its 90-year history.


Key Events in Enersource's History

1914 The Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario (formed in 1906) was

constructing a growing network of rural lines on behalf of Toronto

Township. On January 12, 1914 Messrs. Orr, McCaugherty and Pallett

were named to a Committee to look after Hydro Electric interests

and proceeded to take steps to take over the operation and

management of this system for themselves.

1916 On January 10, 1916, Council passed a resolution to introduce a

Bill at the first Session of the Legislature to allow a local

Commission of three people at Hydro Commission for the Township of


1917 February 9, 1917, at a special meeting of the Toronto Township

Council, Mr. F.J. Jackson submitted to the Declaration of Office

and Qualifications as a Hydro-Electric Commissioner. Mr. D.H.

McCaugherty is a member Ex Officio. Mr. Lush was elected by lot to

serve for the term of one year. Mr. Jackson was elected by lot to

serve for the term of two years. Mr. Geo. McClelland was appointed

Secretary-Treasurer for the year 1917 and Mr. McCaugherty,

Chairman. This marks the first official meeting and formal

establishment of the new Township of Toronto Hydro Electric


1917 At the close of the year 1917, the Township of Toronto Hydro

Electric Commission serves 244 customers and 236 horsepower of

electrical load.

1921 By 1921 there was a marked growth in the number of customers and to

meet this increase, arrangements were made to change the primary

lines from a 2,200 volt to a 4,000 volt "Y" system.

1922 The Port Credit Public Utilities Commission was formed.

1924 March 6, 1924, the Commission resolved that the office of the

Toronto Township Hydro Commission be moved from Port Credit to Town

Hall, Cooksville.

1934 December 3, 1934 when Streetsville PUC signed its first cost

contract with Ontario Hydro. Until that time, the original

generator in Streetsville's tiny power plant was producing 60 cycle

power at its full capacity of 150 hp. When Streetsville joined the

Hydro family, a new 25-cycle motor generator set was installed in

place of the old original generator to act as a booster and

supplement Hydro power from the Southern Ontario System.

1947 Toronto Township has been singularly fortunate; in having had few

changes in top management over a period of more than 90 years.

Robert M. Parkinson served from the formation of the original

Commission until his retirement in May, 1947.

1949 Ronald H. Starr was engaged as Chair of the utility on June 18,


1955 Mr. B.D. Fleming was engaged as an Engineer on March 4, 1955 and

promoted to Manager in August, 1960. Retired June, 1985

1955 In 1955, with Ontario Hydro's vast frequency standardization

program underway in the southern part of Ontario, the supplementary

power supply in Streetsville was reconverted to 60 cycles by having

the motor generator set in re-wound.

1950 February 13, 1950, the Commission agreed to accept an offer of sale

of a portion of the property occupied by the Ontario Hydro and

later this location at 2325 Hurontario Street became the utility's

central office location.

1958 Toronto Township became the first municipality in Canada to have

1,000 electrically heated homes.

1964 A Service Centre was established at 3240 Mavis Road, the location

which eventually became the consolidated site for the Enersource

office and service facility.

1964 Foreseeing the great increase in power loads, the Commission was

one of the first utilities to increase its operating voltage

distribution circuits from 4000 to 13,200.

1970 Alan E. Bradley appointed to Toronto Township Hydro-Electric

Commission as a member. Held positions of Chair and Vice-Chair

through 1997. Retired 1998.

1970 Hazel McCallion joins as a member of Streetsville Public Utilities


1974 The incorporation of the newly named City of Mississauga.

1977 Establishment of Mississauga Hydro Electric Commission (Bill 56)

and merger of Port Credit and Streetsville PUCs.

1980 September 1980, was the official opening of the new Commission head

offices at 3240 Mavis Road

1981 Ron Starr joins the Hydro Mississauga Commission as a Commissioner

and then Vice Chair until 1995-2000 when he held position of Chair,

Hydro Mississauga.

1995 The retirement of all Hydro Mississauga debenture debt.

1995 July 1995, a fibre-optic agreement is announced establishing

Network Mississauga the predecessor to Enersource Telecom.

1989 Karl N. Wahl is appointed to the position of General Manager and

later President, Hydro Mississauga. He retired in May, 2000.

1992 November 1992 a new state of the art SCADA system is activated

2000 March 30, 2000 Mississauga Council announced its decision to retain

Hydro Mississauga while entering into a strategic partnership that

will give 10 percent share ownership to Borealis Energy

Corporation, a subsidiary of the Ontario Municipal Employees

Retirement System (OMERS).

2001 October, 2001 Enersource Corporation together with its partner

Veridian Corporation launch the energy retailer, First Source.

2000 David O'Brien, former City Manager, assumed the position of

President, Hydro Mississauga on a temporary secondment.

2001 Alex Taylor appointed by Council as Chair of Enersource


2001 Gunars Ceksters, former C.O.O., appointed to position of President.

2002 New business systems perform flawlessly as the electricity market

opens to competition in May 2002.

2006 Enersource Hydro Mississauga surpasses 180,000 customers and 1570

megawatts of peak electricity demand.

2007 Current Board of Directors: Alex Taylor, Chair, Mayor H. McCallion,

Gerald Beasley, Norman Loberg, Michael J. Nobrega, Rob Watters,

Christopher Chorlton, Nando Iannicca, Janice Baker, Ron Starr

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