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February 09, 2010 06:00 ET

Engineered Coating Provides Proven, Affordable Solution to Chinese Drywall

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - AbShield™ announces a proven and effective treatment to repair buildings constructed with tainted Chinese drywall. This is good news for the consumers / homeowners, the real estate community, builders, developers and other stakeholders as the process is a noteworthy value and confirmed time-saving measure.

The need to address the issue with less-destructive measures was immediately recognized by AbShield™. The "let's use science instead of hammers" philosophy continues to be the motivation driving their concepts. Products engineered on the principals of activated absorbent technology is the science behind the patented invention and formulation of the core ingredients that makes AbShield™'s historic line of coatings work.

Treating the tainted drywall problem at the source, on both sides, is the principle for the AbShield™ coating system. The AbShield™ coating systems were specifically formulated to address drywall off-gassing and related odors by providing a coatings matrix to promote absorption and neutralization of these effects by various techniques of chemical adsorption and use of ion exchange affinities at the molecular level. The AbShield™ products are not sealers and function in an opposite manner by allowing the emitted gasses and odors from the tainted drywall to migrate into the matrix of the coating for neutralization and adsorption.

The AbShield™ system is designed to be applied to the surface of the drywall in the living quarters' spaces and injected into the stud cavities and other confined or concealed spaces. The AbShield™ GS-500 series is a water-based coating designed to provide a breathable dry film matrix when applied to the surface of the drywall. The dried coating matrix has a perm rating of over 40 perms which allows the off-gassed elements to migrate into the coating. For spaces behind the drywall, the AbShield™ SI-200 series activated powder coatings are electro-statically charged and injected into the spaces. The AbShield™ SI 200 series powder coatings are designed to adsorb the sulfur-based gasses and related odors when completely dispersed or when pocketed into certain sections of the concealed and confined spaces.

Accredited third party laboratory testing of AbShield™ coating products utilizing active Chinese drywall, and multiple repeated tests for twenty sulfur gas species has confirmed under long-term accelerated ageing conditions that the AbShield™ system is controlling tarnishing or corrosion and intercepting the related airborne contaminates and odors. AbShield™ has completed homes in south Florida that are available for inspection by interested parties. The occupants of these dwellings are confident and thankful for the results.

The AbShield™ coating systems are designed to support the most current "green" initiatives for the construction industry. These environmentally friendly coating systems are non-carcinogenic, formaldehyde free, halogen free, solvent free, and are low to zero VOC.

Based on review of the AbShield™ cost model versus removing and replacement methods, using their system to treat the tainted drywall can represent a savings of 73% or more depending on the number and size of the projects. Implementing the AbShield™ process, using a 3500 square foot home model, would take 5 days as opposed to demo and replace that has been reported to take up to 3 months.

AbShield™ is a Nevada-based firm with southeast operations in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and the Carolinas. AbShield™ is a company that provides commercial coating system concepts, designs, supplies and sales. The group brings a broad spectrum of specialized expertise to the forefront providing innovative products and solutions for the built environment. For more information, visit their website at or call them at 1-888-589-6343.

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