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MADD Canada

October 05, 2005 08:22 ET

'Enough is Enough' Campaign to Provide Sobering Arguments

"The public needs to be fully aware of just how much a person can drink and legally drive, then we'll see the laws change." - MADD Canada Attention: Health/Medical Editor, News Editor, Government/Political Affairs Editor OAKVILLE, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Oct. 5, 2005) - Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD Canada) has embarked on an awareness campaign to bring the 'misunderstood' legal limits for drinking and driving to the public's attention. Launched today, the goal of MADD Canada's 'Enough is Enough' campaign is to educate and move the country's law makers to draft effective impaired driving laws with more appropriate legal limits. The campaign urges the public to become informed and voice concerns to MPs.

Through the Fall, the organization will release mounting empirical evidence, new public service announcements, and a bevy of on-line resource documentation, all in support of a review of Canada's blood alcohol concentration (BAC) legal limit.

"The current federal BAC legal limit for impaired driving law, as it is enforced in Canada today, is too high," says Andrew Murie, MADD Canada's Chief Executive Officer. "Our campaign will relate the facts about our law's legal limits to Canadians and provide the means for their comments to be registered with MPs."

"Frankly, the law is inadequate when it comes to protecting innocent drivers on our roads. The legal limit and how it is applied is misunderstood. So, the public needs to be fully aware of just how much a person can drink and legally drive and then, we believe, we'll see the laws change."

Mr. Murie adds, "Let's be better informed on levels of impairment and what they mean in real drinking terms and for a person's driving capabilities. With the facts, one can quickly deduce that today's allowable level of intoxication for drivers is far too high."

In new ad copy released via today, MADD Canada reports that, in practical terms, the current federal legal limit of 0.08% BAC means a 200 lb. man on an empty stomach can drink 6-plus standard drinks in two hours, and will likely not be charged with a Criminal Code offence for impaired driving.

MADD Canada further reports that a 130 lb. woman can drink 3-plus standard drinks in two hours and then drive without likely being charged with a Criminal Code offence for impaired driving.

"MADD Canada strongly believes the current allowable limits do not reflect social drinking, but rather intoxication levels that are far too risky for other safe and sober road users. We're urging Canadians to become aware and to let their elected representatives know how they feel about the inadequate impaired driving legal limits," says Mr. Murie.

"MADD Canada urges Canadians not to drink and drive. If a person wishes to drink, plan ahead and ensure nobody's life on the roads is put in jeopardy," says Mr. Murie.

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