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February 28, 2007 09:18 ET

The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) Unveils Exclusive Membership Program for College Students

WILTON, CONN.--(Collegiate Presswire - February 28, 2007) - The Entertainment Consumers Association today announced an all-new discount program for college students. Any currently-enrolled student (part-time, full-time, undergraduate or graduate) can now enjoy the extensive benefits package created exclusively for ECA members. College age students represent a significant part of the target demographics that play video games and in turn, the ECA is committed to offering and supporting these individuals a compelling opportunity to have their voices be heard.

"We applaud higher learning and there's no better way to give back to our student members than to show how much we understand their situation by offering this exclusive student rate," says ECA President Hal Halpin. "College is already a challenging experience without financial constraints which we all know can quickly add up so providing this special membership program is another way for us to show how committed we are to gamers."

Annual membership for non-students is $19.99 while the membership fee for qualifying students is $14.99, an impressive 25 percent discount. Joining is easy; applicants interested in taking advantage of the special student rate can simply register using their .edu email address.

The ECA continues to roll out a host of opportunities and initiatives for its members. Most recently ECA announced membership benefits include:

-- Chance to win a new PlayStation 3 console

-- Discounts off 1up Network

-- Two free issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly offered from Ziff Davis

-- Five to ten percent off of any Hyatt Hotels in the United States

-- A free copy of new feature-length film "Gamers" as supplies last

-- Free resume uploads to ECA's job board site, GameJobs.com

-- Thirty-day Free Trial to GameFly, the leading online video game rental service to the first 1,000 registered members

-- Discounts on consumer shows such as GameCon, VGEXPO and other trade events, conferences and concerts

-- WarCry free 30 day Trial membership in WarCry Choice for each member

-- New York Comic Con 2007, 2008 show will give 20 percent off to all ECA members

-- VGEXPO will provide ECA members 10 percent off of admission

-- Career Discover Series offers 10 percent discount off admission to ECA members

-- Hardcore Gamer Magazine will offer a discount price off of the 12 month subscription cost of $24.99 to ECA members for $12.99

The ECA continues to unveil new partners, sponsorships and deliver programs to its members. Offerings from the ECA will continue throughout the year, with even more exciting programs scheduled to be announced in the coming months.

For a complete list of current membership benefits and more information, or to sign up for an ECA membership, please visit www.theeca.com.

About the ECA

Formed in 2006, the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit membership organization established to serve the evolving needs of individuals who play computer and video games by giving their passion a voice. The ECA serves as an advocacy organization for the interactive entertainment consumers who represent nearly fifty percent of the population, have an average age of 33, and spend $10 billion a year on gaming. The ECA mission is to give gamers a voice and ensure that state and local politicians hear their concerns and appreciate their demographic power. The Connecticut-based organization focuses its advocacy efforts on consumer rights, anti-games legislation, and other public policy concerns as well as providing substantial community, educational, and affinity benefits to its members -- from discounts on subscriptions and game rentals and purchases to education, employment assistance, and insider access to industry partners.

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