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April 20, 2010 10:04 ET

Entrustet Launches Services to Legally Protect Online Accounts and Computer Files After Death

Company Introduces First Complete Solution to Address Issue From an Individual, Lawyer and Company Perspective

MADISON, WI--(Marketwire - April 20, 2010) -


Entrustet ( today announces its services that securely and legally enable users to delete or designate heirs for digital assets (including email, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, PayPal and more), with new features to further help users protect and pass on personal information after death. Entrustet is the first to offer a complete solution for individuals, lawyers and companies to ensure that these accounts are transferred or deleted according to customers' wishes.

Account Guardian --
The free flagship service allows users to assign an executor and multiple heirs to inherit or delete all digital assets.

  • List all digital assets including photos, email, social networks accounts
  • Nominate up to 10 heirs to inherit assets
  • Store personal documents -- one document for free, each additional is $1 per document/per year
    • As a premium add-on service, users looking to back up all files on a hard drive are referred to data backup partner Mozy

Additional Services:

  • Lawyer Directory -- The Lawyer Directory serves as a referral service for Entrustet users. Entrustet has partnered with estate planning lawyers throughout the country who understand digital estate planning needs and how to incorporate digital assets into new or existing wills and trusts.
  • Double verification -- Before facilitating the transfer or deleting of a member's digital assets, Entrustet requires a death certificate from the Digital Executor and then verifies the information with the local records office.
  • LegalZoom legal protection -- When signing up for Account Guardian, members receive a printed summary of digital assets, last wishes, heirs and digital executor. For security reasons, any usernames and passwords will not be included in the document. Members can then turn the form into a legally binding document with a do-it-yourself will through partner LegalZoom for an estimated cost of $60-$129.

Upcoming Features:

  • Account Incinerator -- Entrustet offers a service that will keep designated personal assets private
    • Annual fee of $19.99 per account/per year
    • Users upload account information they would like to remain private after they die. These accounts will be immediately deleted by Entrustet once a member's death is double verified.
    • Account Incinerator will be available in Summer 2010

Corporate Partners:
Entrustet's Corporate Partner Program provides online companies with a free, simple and effective service to monitor member deaths across their user base, as well as users' individual last wishes for their accounts. Entrustet has also created a widget to help networks estimate the number of member death rates per year.

Entrustet is working with a number of established sites including BroadJam, a Web-based promotional tool and service site for independent musicians, the music industry and fans around the world.


"I started Entrustet because I often wondered what would happen to my valuable digital assets after I was gone," said Jesse Davis, co-founder of Entrustet. "Facebook is where literally all my photos, videos, and much of my online interactions take place. Entrustet is about helping people protect sentimental assets such as these."

"It's not surprising that everyone, even your grandma, has multiple digital assets," said Nathan Lustig, co-founder of Entrustet. "These assets have significant sentimental and economic value and we want to be able to pass them along to family and friends who will cherish them. We want to make it as easy and safe as possible for people to make last wishes for their digital lives before they pass away."

"BroadJam hosts over 500,000 songs that members have licensed to film and TV supervisors, advertisers, video game developers or sold to fans," said Roy Elkins, founder and CEO of BroadJam. "This content is valuable and personal to our members, so partnering with Entrustet makes a lot of sense for our business and the business of our members."

"Most people don't know that they can entrust their digital assets to friends and family when they pass away. Services like Entrustet have brought clarity to the situation so you no longer have to guess at loved ones' wishes," said Attorney Joseph W. Boucher, founder of Neider & Boucher, S.C. "And from a legal perspective, Entrustet has taken this one step further by arming users with a list of assets and heirs that they can transfer to a legally binding document with their lawyer."


Based in Madison, WI, Entrustet ( offers the first complete solution for individuals, lawyers and companies to ensure that digital assets are legally protected. Through its free Account Guardian service, individuals protect their digital assets by deleting them or designating heirs to oversee their personal information after their death. Users can also choose to delete private files and accounts by using the Account Incinerator. Other services include the Lawyer Directory for lawyer referrals and the Corporate Partner Program in which companies can protect their users' last wishes.

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