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June 16, 2010 10:00 ET

Envision Edmonton: City Group Steps Up to Mayor's Challenge

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 16, 2010) - In response to Mayor, Stephen Mandel's challenge issued during his State of the City speech - to convince City Council that the City Centre Airport should stay open - a group of local business people stepped forward to propose alternatives.

"Our vision of a sustainable industrial community grows an active City Centre Airport and moves away from the City's status quo approach of slowly killing it, and its existing businesses," says Charles Allard, Chairman of Envision Edmonton.

A group of concerned Edmontonians created "Envision Edmonton" - an independent community organization formed specifically to develop a suitable and economically viable plan to revitalize the City Centre Airport. 

Envision Edmonton commissioned an independent survey by Environics Research to determine what Edmontonians and residents of northern Alberta want to know about their airport, primarily – Does it make money and who wants it shut down and why?

Over 400 people were surveyed representing a cross section of the population. The results showed that only 24% were in favour of closing the airport while the remainder wanted it to stay open or to better understand the reasons to keep it open.

Additional research clearly demonstrated that the City Centre Airport is a well-established and successful business, a powerful economic driving force that generates an economic output of $388 million and contributes $18 million in taxes to municipal, provincial and federal treasuries. In addition, its services are a necessary complement to the International Airport.

Envision Edmonton's plan addresses why the City should not close the City Centre Airport.

Highlights of the plan provide for retention of the general aviation facility that offers medevac facilities, valuable flight and an air cargo operations serving northern Alberta and the oil sands, supports small charters, private and corporate aircraft, training, military, and industrial services, and continues to act as Edmonton's only alternate landing location for the International Airport.

"Edmonton can have it all."

The City Centre Airport offers unique services and has a distinctive yet complementary role to the services offered by the International Airport. The most evident is its medevac operations which are critical to the Northern communities as it is the fastest and easiest access to Edmonton trauma care hospital facilities.

"Just last week three Fort McMurray workers were critically burned in an accident and medevaced to the City Centre Airport and within minutes rushed to the hospital. Closing the City Centre Airport will put lives in jeopardy," adds Allard.

Moving medevac to the International will result in delayed flights. As with any emergency service provider they have traffic priority including air traffic. That means arrivals and departures of scheduled flights will be stopped if a medevac flight is coming or going.

Envision Edmonton is primarily funded by individuals and businesses, many of which have no direct investment in or association with the City Centre Airport, but who are instead dedicated exclusively to helping to make Edmonton a great city. 

The media is invited to attend the Press Conference for the official public introduction of Envision Edmonton.

 • WHEN: Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
 • WHERE: Manulife Place Conference Centre
    3rd Floor, King Edward Room
    10180 101 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5J 0W2

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