Envision Edmonton

June 22, 2010 12:30 ET

Envision Edmonton Demands the Vote

EDMONTON, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - June 22, 2010) - Envision Edmonton today launched its petition to ensure Edmontonians get their fair say on the matter of keeping the City's only industrial airport open to industrial business.

"The matter is not closed and never has been for anyone. The City is just bulldozing on with total disregard for what people have said. The people were tricked in the 1992 plebiscite question and City Council is using that to destroy a viable industrial airport hoping no one will notice their mistake. 

"We demand a fair vote," say Chuck Allard Chairman of Envision Edmonton.

In 1992, the City of Edmonton held a plebiscite with the question of "Are you in favour of bylaw No. 10,205, The Edmonton Municipal Airport Referendum bylaw?" This bylaw kept the City Centre Airport open to all traffic. 54% approved.

In 1995 a second plebiscite was put forth to Edmontonians asking if the bylaw should be abolished on the basis of consolidating all scheduled traffic at the International Airport. 77% of voters approved this version. A determination of whether to close the airport was not an option.

"The question in the 1992 plebiscite was confusing and many people complained. It was not and never has been about closing the airport it has always been about consolidating the passenger traffic to the International," adds Allard.

The City stated in the 1995 plebiscite that under both options the City will continue to own and offer general air services (e.g. private planes, small charters, air ambulance) at the City Centre Airport.

In 2009, a public opinion poll conducted by the Kingsway Business Association findings stated 79% voted to keep the airport open as a general aviation facility.

Last week the Edmonton Journal ran a straw vote and the people voted - 41% to keep the City Centre Airport open.

"So why is the City not listening and moving against what the people want?" asks Allard.

Envision Edmonton is a not-for-profit business society formed specifically to develop a suitable and economically viable plan to revitalize the City Centre Airport. It is primarily funded by individuals and businesses, many of which have no direct investment in, or association with the City Centre Airport, but who are instead dedicated exclusively to helping to make Edmonton a great city.

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