October 30, 2007 06:30 ET

Etelcharge Announces Expansion of enStage Development Agreement to Include Mobile Phone Payments

Technology to Enable Etelcharge's New Online Way to Pay™ to Tap $725 Billion Mobile Phone Market

DESOTO, TX--(Marketwire - October 30, 2007) - (OTCBB: ETLC) ( today announced that it has expanded the scope of its development agreement with enStage to include the ability to make online purchases and bill them to a mobile phone. This will enable Etelcharge members to charge their online purchases to their cellular or mobile phone using the recently announced digital Visa/Mastercard.

"There are 2.7 billion mobile phones in active use. That's a $725 billion annual market. We have expansion plans to move into the mobile space very quickly, and this expansion of our development agreement with enStage will make that happen even faster," stated Rob Howe, Chairman and CEO of Etelcharge. "This new technology will complement the expansion of our landline program, and allow us to break into mobile payments both in and outside the US quickly."

"The world of online payments is destabilized, which creates an enormous opportunity for us. In a world where you can pay a parking meter with your mobile phone, great opportunity exists. Etelcharge will offer online payment programs wherever and by whatever means consumers want to make them. This is especially true of the consumer on which we are focused -- the unbanked or marginally banked consumer, and the consumer who is greatly concerned about exposing their identity online. Working with enStage, and being able to tap into their mature development resources in the mobile payments arena, is an enormous benefit for us."

"This expansion of the scope of our agreement makes perfect sense," said Govind Setlur, CEO of enStage. "Our experience in this arena will enable Etelcharge to move faster into mobile payments. Mobile payments and mobile payment security have been a major focus area for us even outside the US -- as we develop and deploy critical m-commerce infrastructure and innovative payment solutions."

About (OTCBB: ETLC), the first Web 2.0 online payment system, provides online shoppers the ability to charge approved transactions to their telephone bill. While addressing the concerns online shoppers have about identity fraud and identity theft, the Etelcharge payment option is also a perfect match for the millions of individuals without a credit card, or even a bank account. For more information, go to

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