October 04, 2007 07:30 ET

Etelcharge Focuses on Adding Merchants After Launch of "New Online Way to Pay™"

DESOTO, TX--(Marketwire - October 4, 2007) - (OTCBB: ETLC) ( today announced that following its successful launch of its new payment system last week, the company has turned its attention to connecting merchants to offer its new online way to pay™. "We're focused now on providing our members with a blue ribbon collection of online merchants where they can shop," said Rob Howe, Etelcharge's Chairman and CEO. "The top 500 online retailer sites had 1.6 billion visits last year and they did $83 billion in business with those purchasers. It's those retailers we're targeting. We've learned they want to find a way to add the purchasing power of our target members."

Howe went on to say that his team has added functionality to the Etelcharge payment system to make certain it is inclusive of a broad range of technologies. "We've particularly focused on cross-browser compatibility to include the Windows browsers -- Netscape, IE and Firefox, and we've also included the Macintosh platform and the Safari browser. The whole idea is to give the huge amount of potential members a simple, easy way to buy online without having to have a credit card or a bank account, and without having to expose their personal information to the potential for identity theft. Our payment system does just that," Howe said. "Our payment system will be able to add hundreds of thousands of transactions to these merchants without degrading its performance -- regardless of the platform used by our members," said Howe. " It's all about ease of access to purchasing."

Members of this revolutionary payment system can create and manage their account via the Company's website -- Members who meet the payment method criteria can use their AT&T home phone number to make purchases. Those who do not yet meet the phone line criteria will still maintain an Etelcharge account and be able to use it when their systems become active.

"We're off and running," said Howe. "People are becoming members. We look forward to announcing alliances with key merchant partners who will provide the best products available for our members while focusing on value for our shareholders," Howe concluded.

Interested merchants should visit the Company's website at -- Click on Retail Partners or call John Todd, Vice President of Business Development -- 972-298-3800 ext. 35.

About (OTCBB: ETLC), the first Web 2.0 online payment system, provides online shoppers the ability to charge approved transactions to their telephone bill. While addressing the concerns online shoppers have about identity fraud and identity theft, the Etelcharge payment option is also a perfect match for the millions of individuals without a credit card, or even a bank account. For more information, go to

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