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November 16, 2009 08:00 ET

Ethos Alliance Launches as New Platform of Participation for Corporate Social Responsibility

Ethos Alliance Starts First Global Campaign to Provide Humanitarian Aid for Ecuadorians Decimated by Biggest Oil Contamination in History

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2009) - Ethos Alliance today announced it has launched the first international campaign to provide humanitarian relief to 30,000 Ecuadorians in and near the Amazon whose health and quality of life have been decimated by the biggest oil contamination in history. Ethos Alliance is a new coalition of citizen, civic, and business leaders that acts as a platform of participation to ensure that individuals and corporations abide by their social and ethical responsibilities.

The first problem Ethos Alliance is tackling centers around the health of the people, flora and fauna, and ecosystem of the Amazon Rainforest in Northeastern Ecuador. For decades, the people of this region have been struggling to survive in the devastated landscape of one of the most aggressive oil expeditions ever. Over the course of nearly 30 years, 17 million gallons of crude oil and 18 billion gallons of toxic wastewater were leaked, spilled, and dumped over an area the size of Rhode Island -- severely contaminating both water sources and soil. As the 16-year court battle between Chevron and the 30,000 Ecuadorians continues unabated, the Ecuadorians continue to suffer without sufficient access to clean drinking water or medical care.

"We're about individuals and companies doing the right thing. We're about finding solutions, not pointing fingers. And we're not an anti-business organization," said Ethos Alliance founder Richie Goldman. "We are savvy pragmatists focused on getting different organizations to work together to solve today's toughest social, economic, or environmental problems. The Ecuadorians in this struggle have suffered far too long. We're determined to provide them humanitarian relief -- today."

Raise Your Hand

Ethos Alliance is working to secure a range of partners to help it fund and execute three humanitarian initiatives in Ecuador: 1) provide clean drinking water, and 2) deliver medical care and supplies to thousands of affected Ecuadorians, and 3) restore indigenous tribes' lifestyle by recovering some of their land near the Lago Agrio area. "We're asking individuals to raise their hand and do four things: become Ethos Alliance members by signing up on our website,; tell at least 10 friends to become members; donate $5.00 -- half of which goes to fund the relief projects, the other half to help finance our operations; and contact us to learn how you can get involved with whatever time you have," added Goldman.

The Road for Ethos -- a National Tour

Ethos Alliance is currently conducting its "Road for Ethos" national tour to raise awareness about the oil contamination issue, recruit college students to become members and leaders of local Ethos Alliance chapters, and provide information about how members can make a difference. The national bus tour spans California to Florida across nearly 30 universities and colleges, ending just before Thanksgiving. More information, including updates from each tour stop, can be found at

A Different Approach

Unlike many other NGOs dedicated to corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues, Ethos Alliance bridges the gap between personal and corporate social responsibility through collective action. In the case of oil contamination in Ecuador, a number of points distinguish Ethos Alliance. First, the organization is focused on humanitarian relief, very little of which has been delivered to the affected Ecuadorians by other organizations so far. Second, Ethos Alliance is engaging the social Web (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, blogs) to help build a grassroots movement on a scale that has not been accomplished so far. Third, Ethos Alliance is not waiting for a verdict in the legal case to start providing humanitarian relief. Finally, Ethos Alliance is not a traditional activist organization. Instead, the organization takes an all-inclusive, entrepreneurial approach to working with public and private groups to solve today's toughest social or environmental problems.

Selecting the Toughest Problems

Ethos Alliance evaluates the following criteria to determine which corporate social problem it tackles one at-a-time: (1) scale of the problem (e.g., national, local, or global), (2) degree of public awareness about the problem, (3) gravity of the problem (e.g., how many people affected, how long the problem has gone unsolved, etc), and (4) level of progress made in solving the problem (e.g., which organizations and people are actively solving the problem, how much money has been invested, etc).

About Ethos Alliance

Founded in August 2009, Ethos Alliance is a new coalition of citizen, civic, and business leaders that acts as a platform of participation to ensure that individuals and corporations abide by their social and ethical responsibilities. Ethos Alliance publicizes one corporate social problem at-a-time so that citizens are fully informed about the problem. The coalition also mobilizes citizen, civic, and business leaders and organizations to work together to identify and achieve a solution to the problem. For more information, visit

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