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December 04, 2007 08:00 ET

Eurekster's Swicki Leaves Beta; Unveils New Features to Bolster Social Search Results

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - December 4, 2007) -


  • Eurekster today announces that the swicki -- a custom search portal and social search widget -- has been released from beta. Swicki builders and end users will now benefit from a deeper offering of new and enhanced features providing an improved user experience, through achieving a higher standard of relevance and freshness of community-powered search results.

  • As Eurekster moves out of beta, its community has grown to 25,000 publishers with more than 100,000 swickis built. Eurekster receives more than 25 million search queries a month performed by over nine million unique visitors monthly. In light of the company's innovation and continued momentum, Eurekster was recently named a Red Herring Global 100 finalist.

  • Eurekster, a pioneer and leader in providing a custom search and social search experience, is a content discovery engine that provides relevant, targeted, community-driven results, increasing search relevance and value for site visitors, Web publishers and "infopreneurs."
  • With Eurekster, anyone from online publishers to "infopreneurs" to topic experts can build and customize a swicki search portal on any topic, and then share and distribute the widget to grow a community of interested end users. With every search, the swicki becomes more relevant and meaningful to the user community, and also more valuable to the swicki builder.

  • The new features aim to ease swicki creation and significantly enhance results relevance by adding automation to the building process. Now, when setting up their swickis, users simply enter their site's URL to trigger auto detection of relevant content for the swicki buzzcloud and whitelist of related websites to be prioritized in the search and display of search results. Content sources include blogrolls, metatags and RSS, allowing for a more dynamic search experience and fresher search results. For a full demo, please see the interactive tour below.

  • New feature summary:

    • Autodetect: Automatically finds content for the buzzcloud and preferred result sources, so the swicki builder doesn't have to.
    • RSS: Includes most recent posts including time stamp for freshest results.
    • Mobius algorithm: Automatically surfaces new and interesting content while keeping the swicki focused.

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  • "Our growing network and customer base of swickibuilders prove what site visitors, publishers and 'infopreneurs' already know: social search is the most effective way to harness the power of the community for a more targeted and relevant vertical, local, or socially connected search experience. And, with the introduction of today's enhancements, swickis provide even fresher and more dynamic search results, while being easier to set-up and use than ever, allowing anyone the benefit of robust social search."

  • "Now that we've achieved a level of critical mass with over 100,000 swickis built by over 25,000 publishers serving over nine million unique users monthly, we are now concentrating our efforts on the incorporation of enhanced voting tools, improved commenting capabilities, and other features requested by our user-base. By further encouraging community collaboration and empowerment, publishers and infopreneurs will have even more opportunity to build their brands, increase search volume and drive monetization."


  • "Eurekster has created a powerful application that sits at the intersection of search, community and vertical content. And the product continues to evolve in very provocative and interesting directions."


Eurekster, Inc. ( is a pioneer and leader in social search technologies. Its custom search portal and widget ("swicki") harness the knowledge, passion and behavior of online communities to improve the search experience, while creating online assets for Web publishers and infopreneurs. With Eurekster, Web publishers and infopreneurs can build and customize their "swicki" search portal on any topic, and share and distribute the social search widget to grow a community of interested users. With every search, the swicki becomes more relevant and meaningful to the user community, and more valuable to the swicki builder. To date, more than 100,000 swickis have been created by over 25,000 swicki builders in over 15 countries. Founded in 2004, Eurekster, Inc. is a venture-backed, privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California with its research and development group based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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