European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network (EHFCN)

European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network (EHFCN)

August 04, 2009 03:00 ET

The European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Canadian and American Anti-Fraud Healthcare Associations

Effort aims to create an international network of healthcare counter fraud organisations and professionals and pursue a co-operative and collaborative approach to combating the problem of healthcare fraud.

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - Aug. 4, 2009) - The European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN) today announced the signing of a formal Memorandum of Understanding with two like-minded organisations-the Canadian Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (CHCAA) and the American National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA). All three organisations share the common goal of reducing and eliminating healthcare fraud in their respective jurisdictions as well as globally.

"Healthcare fraud is a serious problem with a staggering price tag estimated between EUR 30 billion and EUR 100 billion annually in the European Union alone. Every euro lost to fraud means someone, somewhere is not getting the treatment they need, they are ill for longer, and in some cases they simply die unnecessarily. Make no mistake - healthcare fraud kills", says Paul Vincke, President of EHFCN.

Healthcare fraud schemes have become exportable and fraud trends are becoming more and more similar from country to country. These schemes continue to grow in their complexity and represent a multi-billion dollar cost to healthcare and benefit payers worldwide. Our evolving global healthcare landscape creates a heightened need for international cooperation between entities dedicated to addressing this problem.

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between NHCAA, CHCAA and EHFCN represents the launching of an international network of healthcare counter fraud organisations that are engaged in the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of healthcare fraud.

In describing the value of this effort, Paul Vincke adds: "It is essential that associations such as EHFCN, CHCAA and NHCAA form strong relationships and network in order to deal with potential increases in global cross-border fraud and corruption by exchanging information on current problems and solutions. Joint working will ensure that all healthcare systems in Europe, Canada and America have the best strategies for tackling healthcare fraud and corruption available to them."

Through strategic partnerships, the network intends to raise awareness internationally about the issue of healthcare fraud while gathering and sharing information on the trends, issues, facts and figures relating to the problem. In addition, the network will cooperatively work to improve international standards of practice around fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution. This includes the development of training programmes offered as joint educational efforts among the participating organisations to bolster and prepare the world's healthcare anti-fraud professionals.

The European Healthcare Fraud and Corruption Network (EHFCN) - Established in 2005, EHFCN is the only European organisation dedicated to combating healthcare fraud and corruption across Europe: Reducing losses will help bring back money to healthcare services for the benefit of every patient. EHFCN provides information, tools, training and assistance in fighting fraud and corruption to its 25 member associations based in 15 countries. It also offers a platform for members to exchange information and ideas. Further information can be found at

The National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA) - Established in 1985 by several private health insurers and federal and state government officials, NHCAA is the only national U.S. organization devoted exclusively to combating health care fraud. NHCAA's mission is to protect and serve the public interest by raising awareness and improving the detection, investigation, prosecution and prevention of health care fraud. Further information can be found at

The Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association (CHCAA) - Founded in 2000 to give a voice to the public and private sector health care organizations interested in preventing fraud in the Canadian health care environment. The CHCAA's Vision is to improve the Canadian Health Care environment by eliminating health care fraud and its Mission is to combat health care fraud and assist in restoring the integrity of the Canadian health care system. Further information can be found at

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