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Examine the Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Oct. 6, 2008) - announces that a new market research report related to the Pharmaceutical industry is available in its catalogue.

Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013

Pfizer is the world's largest and most profitable pharmaceutical company. Its pharmaceutical division generates sales of $44671m in 2007. Pfizer is recognised as being one of the strongest performing pharmaceutical companies in terms of sales, revenue growth, acquisitions, breadth of portfolio, product launches and pipeline developments. Pfizer's prominence is due to the company having nine blockbuster products, seven market leaders and strong products in all the major therapeutic categories. How can you compete with them? Which areas are the exposed in? Find out today.

This new report - Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013 - examines the Pfizer group critically, through comprehensive research and analysis. This report covers both of Pfizer's pharmaceutical and animal healthcare division. Importantly, visiongain discusses Pfizer in the context of the wider pharmaceutical industry and global market. Furthermore, visiongain applied independent analysis and techniques such as financial forecasting, SWOT analyses, R&D pipeline analysis and qualitative projections. The result is a comprehensive market-based report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

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In particular, Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013 concentrates on the following essential aspects of that company and it s market, including the competitive environment for leading pharma companies:

- Detailed analysis of Pfizer's divisions and its products, including Lipitor

- Sales forecasts for Pfizer's pharmaceutical division

- Sales forecasts for key products and therapeutic areas

- Discussions of issues affecting the relevant market segments, including competitor analysis

- Drivers and opportunities for Pfizer

- Restraints and threats facing the company

- Discussion of company strategy in the context of the market

- Pipeline developments and their implications for the future

- Strategic alliances and licensing

- International operations, including developing markets.

Visiongain believes that the period 2008 to 2013 will be pivotal for Pfizer, particularly due to patent expiry and the demands of new technological paradigms, such as biologics and genomic medicine. A closer examination of Pfizer's portfolio reveals that many of its leading products will lose patent protection during the next five years, causing severe revenue erosion for the company.

Those challenges include Lipitor, the number-one selling drug in history and a product responsible for a significant share of Pfizer's revenue. The global healthcare industry is entering an exciting new period, with both significant opportunities and great challenges for companies such as Pfizer. Any professional interested in the fortunes of leading pharmaceutical companies from the present onwards cannot afford to ignore this study.

Chapter 1: Executive Summary
1.1 Pfizer - The Leading Pharmaceutical Company
1.2 A Pivotal Point in Pfizer's Modern History
1.3 Aims, Scope and Format
Chapter 2: An Overview of Pfizer and Its Current Positioning in the Global
 Pharmaceutical Market
2.1 Introduction to Pfizer's Position in the Global Pharmaceutical Market
2.2 Pfizer's History - Becoming One of the Most Successful Pharmaceutical
2.3 Pfizer's Business Divisions & Key Personnel

2.3.1 Pfizer's Pharmaceutical Product Division - Its Main Revenue Generating
2.3.2 Pfizer's Animal Health Division Contributes a Relatively Small Portion
 to Pfizer's Total Revenue
2.3.3 Key Personnel

2.4 Pfizer's Therapeutic Area of Interest

2.4.1 Cardiovascular/Metabolic/Endocrine Diseases
2.4.2 Neuroscience
2.4.3 Allergy & Respiratory (A&R)
2.4.4 Inflammation/Arthritis
2.4.5 Pain
2.4.6 Infectious Diseases
2.4.7 Genitourinary/Sexual Health
2.4.8 Oncology
2.4.9 Ophthalmology
2.4.10 Gastrointestinal & Hepatology

2.5 Key Financial Figures 2007
2.6 Pfizer's Top Ten Leading Pharmaceutical Products
2.7 Business Strategies & Company Outlook
Chapter 3: Pfizer's Leading Therapeutic Area's Market Forecast, 2008-2013
3.1 Pfizer's Therapeutic Classes - Analysis and Forecasts

3.1.1 The Cardiovascular (CVS)/Metabolic Class is Pfizer's Leading
 Therapeutic Area
3.1.2 The Central Nervous System (CNS) Class Will Exhibit Strong Growth
 Throughout the Forecast Period
3.1.3 Infectious/Respiratory Diseases Will Remain As Pfizer's Third Leading
 Therapeutic Class
3.1.4 Pfizer's Urology Class Will Decline in Revenues
3.1.5 Arthritis/Pain Class Will Show Promising Growth
3.1.6 Pfizer's Oncology Class Will Also Exhibit Positive Growth
3.1.7 Ophthalmology Class Will Show Negative Growth
3.1.8 Pfizer's Endocrinology Class Will Show the Highest CAGR

Chapter 4: Pfizer's Leading Pharmaceutical Products - Analysis and Forecasts
4.1 Pfizer's Pharmaceutical Sales Division Will Suffer From Patent Expiries
 of Key Products During 2007-2013

4.1.1 Pfizer's Top 20 Pharmaceutical Products

4.2 Lipitor, The World's Best Selling Drug, Will Suffer From Patent

4.2.1 Lipitor's Main Competitors in the Statin Market
4.2.2 Lipitor Will Lose Dominance to Lyrica by 2012
4.2.3 New Analysis on Higher Doses of Lipitor Shows Reduced Cardiovascular
 Risks in Bypass Surgery Patients

4.3 Norvasc Will Lose Revenue after Loss of Exclusivity in 2007

4.3.1 Norvasc Has Faced Serious Patent Challenges
4.3.2 Norvasc Currently Leads the Calcium Channel Inhibitors Market for

4.4 Celebrex Continues to Show Strong Growth - But Will it Last?

4.4.1 Pfizer Starts Celebrex and Bextra Settlements
4.4.2 Study Shows Celebrex Does Not Prevent Memory Loss in the Elderly
4.4.3 Celebrex Currently Leads the Arthritis Market

4.5 Lyrica's New Approved Indication for Fibromyalgia Will Drive Sales

4.5.1 Lyrica Will Become Pfizer's Leading Pharmaceutical Product by 2012
4.5.2 Lyrica Currently Lies Third in the Anti-Seizure Market

4.6 Zyrtec Will Exhibit Negative Growth Throughout the Forecast Period

4.6.1 Zyrtec Currently Leads the Allergic Rhinitis Market

4.7 Viagra Will Gradually Decline in Sales Through, 2008-2013

4.7.1 Viagra Could be used in Muscular Dystrophy
4.7.2 Viagra Will Suffer From Strong Competition in the Erectile
 Dysfunction Market

4.8 Xalatan/Xalacom Revenues Look Promising Until 2011

4.8.1 Xalatan/Xalacom Leads the Intraocular Drug Market

4.9 Detrusitol/Detrol to Suffer From Patent Expiration in 2010

4.9.1 Detrusitol Leads the Urinary Incontinence Market

4.10 Zeldox/Geodon to Reach Peak Sales of $1377m by 2011

4.10.1 Pfizer's Zeldox/Geodon Faces Strong Competition in the Antipsychotic

4.11 Camptosar Will Fall in Revenue During 2008-2013

4.11.1 Camptosar Will Remain Second in the Vinca Alkaloid Market

4.12 Leading Product Summary
Chapter 5: SWOT Analysis - Latest News and Key Issues Affecting Pfizer
5.1 A SWOT Analysis for Pfizer, 2008-2013

5.1.1 Important Drivers for Pfizer
5.1.2 Important Restraints for Pfizer

5.2 Key Issues for Pfizer
5.3 The Loss of Patent Protection Will Heavily Affect Pfizer's Revenues

5.3.1 Pfizer Sees Q1 2008 Profits Decline

5.4 Illegal and Counterfeit Drugs

5.4.1 Pfizer's Bid to Tackle Counterfeit Drugs

5.5 FDA - The Threat of Non-Approval, Voluntary Removal from the Market and
 Increasing Stringency
5.6 Pricing and Reimbursement, Medicare and Cost Controls
5.7 Antibiotic Resistance
5.8 From Blockbuster to Designed Aimed Shots
Chapter 6: Pfizer's Business Strategies and Mergers & Acquisitions
6.1 Companies Such As Pfizer Are Gradually Changing Their Strategic Focus to
 Overcome Challenges in the Worldwide Market

6.1.1 Reduced Efficiencies in R&D Result in Concerns Over Thinning Pipelines

6.2 Mergers and Acquisitions Give Pfizer Strong Financial Capabilities
6.3 Pfizer Uses Research Alliances Extensively
6.4 Business Strategies and Future Outlook for Global Growth

6.4.1 Pfizer's R&D Prospects
6.4.2 Global Growth Opportunities & New Business Units
6.4.3 Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets

6.5 Latest Business News

6.5.1 Pfizer to Build $294m Biologics Plant to Develop Novel Drugs
6.5.2 Pfizer Selling Esperion Therapeutics
6.5.3 Pfizer Set to Close its Sterile Manufacturing Plant
6.5.4 Pfizer and Avant Get Regulatory Approval in Cancer Licensing Deal
6.5.5 Pfizer and FivePrime in New Research Deal

6.6 Pfizer's International Strategy - Strong Emphasis on Asian Markets,
 Especially China

6.6.1 US Market Contributes Most Sales
6.6.2 Pfizer Joins HPIC to Donate Drugs Worth $2.2m to China and Other

Chapter 7: Pfizer AH (Animal Health) Business Sector
7.1 Pfizer AH Overview
7.2 Pfizer AH Products and Areas of Interest
7.3 Latest Pfizer AH News

7.3.1 Pfizer AH to Acquire Two Livestock Genomics Companies
7.3.2 Pfizer AH and Schering-Plough in Animal Health Products Deal
7.3.3 Pfizer AH Opens New $47.7m Vaccine Development Centre in Belgium

Chapter 8: Pipeline Developments
8.1 Pfizer Has Been Very Active in R&D in Recent Years
8.2 Pfizer Plan Late-Stage Biotherapeutics Programme
8.3 Pfizer Set to Drop Glaucoma Drug
8.4 Pipeline Drugs

8.4.1 Maraviroc
8.4.2 CP 945598
8.4.3 Axitinib
8.4.4 Apixaban
8.4.5 Azithromycin/Chloroquine
8.4.6 CP-675206 (ticilimumab/tremelimumab)
8.4.7 Fablyn (lasofoxifene)
8.4.8 Zeven (dalbavancin)
8.4.9 Toviaz (fesoterodine)

8.5 Pipeline Summary
Chapter 9: Conclusions
9.1 Pfizer is Facing a Future of High Revenue Losses
9.2 Patent Loss
9.3 Lipitor May Reduce Generic Loss Through Extra Indications
9.4 Future Direction
9.5 Future Strategy
9.6 Summary
List of Tables
Table 2.1 Overview of Pfizer's Current Business Divisions, 2007
Table 2.2 Pfizer's Key Financials ($m), 2007
Table 2.3 Pfizer's Top Ten Pharmaceutical Products, 2007
Table 3.1 Revenues ($m) for Pfizer's Leading Therapeutic Classes, 2008-2013
Table 3.2 Revenues ($m), 6-Year CAGR (%) and Market Share (%) for Pfizer's
 Therapeutic Classes, 2007 & 2013
Table 3.3 Revenues ($m), Market Share and Growth (%) of Pfizer's Leading
 Therapeutic Classes, 2007
Table 4.1 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Global Net Sales ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.2 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals 6-Year CAGR (%) and Market Share (%),
 2007 & 2013
Table 4.3 Pfizer's Pharmaceutical Products Facing Patent Expiry
Table 4.4 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Top 20 Products Worldwide Sales ($m), 2007
Table 4.5 Lipitor Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.6 Top Five Cholesterol Drugs by Revenue ($m), 2007
Table 4.7 Norvasc Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.8 Top Five Calcium-Channel Inhibitors for Hypertension by Revenue,
Table 4.9 Celebrex Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.10 Top Five Arthritis Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.11 Lyrica Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.12 Top Five Anti-Seizure Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.13 Zyrtec Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.14 Top Five Allergic Rhinitis Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.15 Viagra Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.16 Top Five Erectile Dysfunction Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.17 Xalatan/Xalacom Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.18 Top Five Intraocular Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.19 Detrusitol Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.20 Top Five Urinary Incontinence Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.21 Zeldox/Geodon Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.22 Top Five Antipsychotic Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 4.23 Camptosar Revenues ($m), 2008-2013
Table 4.24 Top Five Vinca Alkaloid Drugs by Revenue, 2007
Table 5.1 A SWOT Chart for Pfizer, 2008-2013
Table 6.1 Share of Pfizer's Pharma Sales (%) by Region, 2007
Table 6.2 Share of Pfizer's Pharma Sales (%) by Leading Country, 2007, 2010
 and 2013
Table 7.1 Breakdown of Pfizer's Business Division ($m), 2003-2007
Table 8.1 Summary of Pfizer's Pipeline Drugs from Phase II and Above, 2008
List of Figures
Figure 2.1 Pfizer's Sales by Business Sector ($m), 2007
Figure 2.2 Pfizer's Sales by Therapeutic Class ($m), 2007
Figure 2.3 Pfizer's Sales by Geographic Region ($m), 2007
Figure 2.4 Pfizer's Top Ten Pharmaceutical Products Revenue ($m), 2007
Figure 3.1 Pfizer's Therapeutic Classes Revenue ($m) Comparison, 2007 & 2013
Figure 3.2 Therapeutic Classes Market Share (%), 2007
Figure 3.3 Therapeutic Classes Market Share (%), 2013
Figure 3.4 CVS/Metabolic Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.5 CNS Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.6 Infectious/Respiratory Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.7 Urology Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.8 Arthritis/Pain Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.9 Oncology Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.10 Ophthalmology Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 3.11 Endocrinology Class Revenue ($m) Forecast, 2008-2013
Figure 4.1 Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Overall Net Sales ($m), 2008-2013
Figure 4.2 Top 20 Prescription Products vs. the Rest of the Portfolio (%)
 Contribution of Revenues, 2007 & 2013
Figure 4.3 World Revenues ($m) for Lipitor, 2008-2013
Figure 4.4 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Cholesterol Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.5 World Revenues ($bn) for Norvasc, 2008-2013
Figure 4.6 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Calcium-Channel Inhibitors for
 Hypertension, 2007
Figure 4.7 World Revenues ($bn) for Celebrex, 2008-2013
Figure 4.8 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Arthritis Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.9 World Revenues ($bn) for Lyrica, 2008-2013
Figure 4.10 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Anti-Seizure Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.11 World Revenues ($m) for Zyrtec, 2008-2013
Figure 4.12 Market Share (%) for the Top 5 Allergy Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.13 World Revenues ($m) for Viagra, 2008-2013
Figure 4.14 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Erectile Dysfunction Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.15 World Revenues ($m) for Xalatan/Xalacom, 2008-2013
Figure 4.16 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Intraocular Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.17 World Revenues ($m) for Detrusitol, 2008-2013
Figure 4.18 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Urinary Incontinence Treatments, 2007
Figure 4.19 World Revenues ($m) for Zeldox/Geodon, 2008-2013
Figure 4.20 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Antipsychotic Drugs, 2007
Figure 4.21 World Revenues ($m) for Camptosar, 2008-2013
Figure 4.22 Market Share (%) for Top 5 Vinca Alkaloid Drugs, 2007
Figure 6.1 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Pharma Sales by Region, 2007
Figure 6.2 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Pharma Sales by Leading Country,
Figure 6.3 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Pharma Sales by Leading Country,
Figure 6.4 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Pharma Sales by Leading Country,
Figure 6.5 Revenues of Pfizer's Pharma Sales ($m) by Leading Country, 2007,
 2010 and 2013
Figure 7.1 Revenues ($m) of Pfizer's Animal Health Division, 2003-2007
Figure 7.2 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Business Division, 2003
Figure 7.3 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Business Division, 2005
Figure 7.4 Market Share (%) of Pfizer's Business Division, 2007

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