Excel Gold Mining Inc.

Excel Gold Mining Inc.

October 06, 2009 07:00 ET

Excel Gold Mining Announces the Publication of Weekly Update Releases, of the Montauban Mine Exploration Campaign Progress


Excel Gold Mining announced today the publication of weekly update releases, of the Montauban Mine exploration campaign progress.

Management deemed that such measure would help answering several questions raised by our shareholders and to support and outline the enthusiasm aroused by the announcement of the possible reopening of the Montauban mining site and the impact of such opportunity for the region.

Following the press conference held on September 24th, 2009 in Notre-Dame de Montauban, the Company has received several calls from various groups and companies that have demonstrated their interest and support to the project as well as many citizens and shareholders seeking more information or to apply for potential jobs or careers.

Management will therefore publish a weekly news letter, providing the latest results and progress of its drilling campaign including other information relative to the operation.

Management is proud to release its first weekly update:

1. Drilling has started as of last week and will continue 24 hours a day nonstop until December

2. The geologist's team has sent management a preliminary report, containing a series of unpublished information from the Ministere des Ressources Naturelles du Quebec and other sources.

In this preliminary report, the senior geologist recommends the addition of further tests and compilation of combined data to measure more precisely the potential of its mining properties. Management has reviewed the summary report during the weekend and has decided to follow the recommendations of the geologist.

A. Many facts have influenced the decision for Excel to increase its property asset position and pursue further exploration research; the advantageous property position in a neglected geological area covered by junior exploration companies, and the astonishing continuity of mineralized structures over 2km near the surface and the under estimated value of resources that have never been reunited under 1 single banner.

B. We also believe that the support from local population and city management for the mining project is a key operational advantage for Excel as its highly welcomed as a potential local economic stimuli's.

C. We invite you to take look at the interest demonstrated during Excel's press conference on our corporate website at www.excelgoldmining.com. You will find links to various reports and publications related to the operation. (We added an icon labeled "Dernierre Nouvelle" for the occasion).

3. Management will publish a list of work plans recommended by MRB as soon as available.

4. Finally, management will be attending several business meetings this week in international investment fare held in New-Orleans, and management has already secured investment and partnership potential meetings from Thursday till Sunday.

Excel Gold is proud to be part of the Montauban mining camp revival and invite you to visit its website at www.excelgoldmining.com

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