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August 25, 2010 08:00 ET

Exorbyte Launches Groundbreaking Ecommerce Add-On Offering Fastest, Most Error-Tolerant Search

Built on Award-Winning Platform, New Hosted SaaS Targeted to Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses Is Affordable, Easily Installed and Provides Advanced Reporting

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - August 25, 2010) -  Exorbyte, a leading provider of performance search software, today announced Exorbyte Commerce Search (, a groundbreaking SaaS search add-on developed specifically for small- and medium-sized ecommerce businesses that offers unprecedented search capabilities, performance and error tolerance. Based on Exorbyte's award-winning MatchMaker Search and SearchNavigator products, which have already helped dozens of online stores dramatically improve visitor-to-buyer conversion rates, this new service was developed to make the search and merchandising analytics power of large enterprise search software affordable for small- and medium-sized online stores.

The Best of Enterprise Software Made Affordable for Small Business
Unlike legacy ecommerce search features, which are often based on inappropriate full-text search engine technology and offer little control and reporting to the retailer for merchandising purposes, Exorbyte Commerce Search is based on the algorithmic, phonetic, and low-level semantic logic developed for structured data search software ( Commerce Search offers highly relevant suggestions and error-tolerant search results, allowing online shoppers to discover products based on similar-sounding names, related categories, misspelling corrections, synonyms and more, regardless of language, spelling or entry errors. The highly pertinent query and search results suggestions boost visitors' tendency to find products, improving conversion rates and increasing sales.

The hosted architecture allows Commerce Search users to easily configure their software and upload files through a secure Exorbyte web interface, then display the new search features on their store branded as their own. Best of all, Commerce Search doesn't require any complex data integration. Online retailers already make heavy use of products XML feeds for promotional purposes. All Commerce Search requires is any one of several feed formats already supported by most ecommerce platforms (, Google Merchant, etc.). Commerce Search also supports popular ecommerce platforms (Magento, osCommerce, XT:Commerce and OXID, among others) by providing customized plug-ins for customers using these platforms for their store (

Advanced Merchandising Software is Not Just for Big Business Anymore
Exorbyte Commerce Search's detailed search analytics and reporting features allow retailers to develop a deep understanding of what visitors are searching for, yet not finding. These search reports include search terms, click-throughs, search trend analyses, and hourly, daily or monthly time series -- all available as data and represented graphically in the web-based secure administrative interface. With such information in hand, online retailers can optimize their catalogs, product descriptions and labeling to achieve optimal conversion rates.

"Search is often identified as the number one reason why online shoppers don't convert to buyers," said Daniel Nicollet, Exorbyte's Managing Director in the US. "In the competition for buyers, online retailers must improve their search capabilities or risk losing shoppers who enter vague or misspelled keywords. Powerful enterprise-level search software can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which leaves small- and medium-sized online retailers at a huge disadvantage. By creating a hosted version of our advanced enterprise applications, we're leveling the playing field for those smaller online businesses."

Hosting and service subscriptions start at $19 per month
The new Exorbyte Commerce Search offers free accounts for stores with less than 1,000 queries per month, just $19 per month for stores with up to 5,000 queries per month, up to individual pricing for stores that receive more than 100,000 queries per month ( The service is hosted on a highly reliable redundant architecture and provides the types of search quality available on the largest online retail properties at a cost small businesses can afford. Detailed search analytics and reporting features allow retailers to take control of their conversion-rates and revenue optimization process by learning precisely how visitors interact with their product catalog.

Commerce Search also supports popular ecommerce platforms (osCommerce, Magento, XT:Commerce and OXID) by providing customized plug-ins for customers using these platforms for their store. Engineering support is available to store owners with unsupported platforms or who need more customization.

Key Exorbyte Commerce Search features include:

  • Autocomplete: the auto-suggest tool (also known as "search as you type" or "typeahead"), included in all version of the service, sends users product and query suggestions as they type characters in the search box. This system can work in conjunction with any existing search engine or can be paired with Exorbyte's own search engine.

  • Search: the fastest, most accurate, most relevant, and error-tolerant search results available in ecommerce, based on the award-winning Exorbyte MatchMaker platform.

  • Reporting: this search analytics service available through the web-based secured administrative interface measures all search activity (search queries, frequencies, zero-results search, product popularity, fruitless queries and more).

  • After-Search-Navigation: search results are always displayed with an optimal amount of context information and control for the user. Facets, categories, ranking, manufacturers, filtering and images are all available in search results to help the user to quickly locate the product he/she would like to purchase.

About Exorbyte
Exorbyte publishes high-performance search software for all databases and structured data formats. Exorbyte software offers a large array of phonetic and algorithmic fuzzy search methods while returning results under 10 ms across many millions of records. Exorbyte was founded in 2000 and has offices in the US, Germany, and the UK. Exorbyte's success stories include its provision of search and data matching software supporting enterprise applications at Yahoo!, Convera, Citibank, Deutsche Post World Net, Mont Blanc, Deutsche Telekom, and more. Online retail is Exorbyte's fastest-growing industry segment.

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