January 16, 2007 08:00 ET

Expedia.ca Brings TripAdvisor Content to Canadian Travellers

Everyday Traveller Opinions From World's Largest Travel Community Now Available on Expedia.ca

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Jan. 16, 2007) - Expedia.ca™, one of Canada's leading travel services, has teamed up with TripAdvisor® to provide TripAdvisor's traveller-authored destination and attraction content on Expedia.ca. Canadian travellers planning their trips can now access real traveller reviews and opinions on more than 23,000 destinations and 70,000 attractions around the world. TripAdvisor, a sister company of Expedia.ca, is the largest travel community and publisher of real-time, collaborative travel "guidebooks" in the world. Featuring TripAdvisor content is the latest example of Expedia.ca's ongoing commitment to helping Canadians plan and purchase their travel with confidence, perspective, and up-to-date travel information. The TripAdvisor destination and attraction reviews, along with wiki-style collaborative travel guidebooks, complement the existing Expedia.ca customer hotel reviews. Canada is the first of the Expedia local market sites to introduce exclusive TripAdvisor content and is an excellent example of how Expedia is leveraging its best in class sites, technology, and content to produce value added experiences for its customers.

"Expedia.ca has made it easier for our customers to source the opinions and advice from the real experts - fellow travellers - while also enabling our customers to contribute back to the overall TripAdvisor community," says Sean Shannon, Expedia, Inc., Managing Director, Canada. "Providing TripAdvisor content is the latest step in our goal to provide our customers with insightful user-generated travel content."

The new 'Destinations' tab on Expedia.ca provides users with rich, traveller-authored destination and attraction content powered by TripAdvisor. Clicking on a destination provides access to background and things to know, things to do, travel tips, transportation and dining suggestions from real travellers from around the world. Select top destinations even include candid traveller photos of key vacation memories in that location for additional inspiration.

Content contributed by TripAdvisor's more than 4.3 million registered members reflects the world's most popular destinations and attractions:

"Every time I'm in Montreal, I go visit the Basilica. It's so beautiful, so impressive, and so peaceful. Located right in the Vieu Montreal, you'll feel as if you were in Europe with a bit of America (or maybe it's the opposite?). Architecture is awesome and you have a lots of good and not too expensive restaurants close by."

- A TripAdvisor Review of Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, Canada

"We have been to Vegas six times since 2000, and each time I find myself spending more and more time in front of the fountains. For best effect, see them both by day and night, and stay for several songs, because the music keeps changing, and some work better than others. By now we've seen the fountains from most vantage points, including our room at the Bellagio and the Eiffel Tower across the street, but the best viewing is still from the walkway along the Strip, preferably near the middle. There you can hear the sounds, feel the power, and be sprayed by the mist. The fountains are free, and play every half hour during the afternoon and every 15 minutes at night, with the last show just before midnight. My personal favourite songs are "Time to say Goodbye", "Rondine al Nido" and Whitney Houston singing the "The Star Spangled Banner" every night at about 11:55 PM. There are many others that are very worthwhile. As long as the fountains are playing we will keep coming back, I am sure."

- A TripAdvisor Review of the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas, Nevada

As well as unique:

"Whaoo it's just incredible.... A MUST DO... There's animals all around the crater and it's MAGNIFICENT!! We have thousands of pictures from this amazing place... Of course it's quite crowded and you're not alone... You often meet other 4x4 on the road but it's really worth it!"

- A TripAdvisor review of Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania, Africa

"Get your panoramic camera...because unless you have a wide angle lens, you'll struggle to get a full picture of this giant statue, it's also indoors and lighting isn't great but it's very impressive and close to the Grand Palace so well worth a visit."

- A TripAdvisor review of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), Bangkok, Thailand

Canadians can join the travel conversation

Expedia.ca users can not only contribute their own reviews but can also contribute to the TripAdvisor community through 'Wiki-style' collaborative travel guidebooks about specific destinations. The TripAdvisor wiki guidebooks can be written by anyone and edited by fellow members in real time, providing the freshest guidebook information available. When travellers submit a review for a specific attraction they are also asked to rate it on a five-point scale, giving fellow travellers a quick snapshot of their assessment of the attraction.

Ongoing user-generated content enhancements to Expedia.ca

TripAdvisor content complements Expedia.ca's popular customer provided hotel reviews integrated in the hotel booking path. Hotel reviews have provided relevant and timely feedback during the selection process giving Expedia.ca customers additional ways to find the hotel that's right for them.

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