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April 06, 2010 12:03 ET

Extracon Science Licenses InfoMedics' Research-Driven TLC Digital Coaching Systems

READING, MA--(Marketwire - April 6, 2010) -  Extracon Science LLC and InfoMedics, Inc. have reached an agreement for Extracon to commercialize several Technology Linked Care (TLC) research systems owned by InfoMedics. The TLC systems are computer-based digital coaching systems to promote healthy behavior in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, weight management, and smoking cessation. The TLC systems were developed by InfoMedics' co-founder, Robert H. Friedman MD.

"The TLC systems have been proven effective in several randomized controlled trials, as published in peer-reviewed journals. In a 2007 study conducted at Stanford University, a TLC system was just as effective as a human coach in increasing subjects' physical activity over a six-month period," said Jesse Hercules, President of Extracon Science LLC. The Stanford study description was published in Health Psychology, 2007 Nov., Vol. 26(6) 718-727.

"InfoMedics believes that communication is an essential part of any prescription for health. We welcome the opportunity to work with Extracon to commercialize the wellness aspects of the TLC systems," said Gene Guselli, CEO and co-founder of InfoMedics. "When Extracon showed us their highly scalable digital coaching platform, along with a strong list of customers and contacts within the employee wellness market space, we knew we'd found the right partner."

Extracon will incorporate the TLC content into its digital coaching systems currently used in the growing field of employee wellness programs. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that 77% of employers are now offering wellness programs -- mainly as a way to keep health care costs under control. 

"With the addition of TLC, Extracon now offers research-driven solutions with the cost and scalability that only a computer-based system can provide," said Mr. Hercules. He continued, "The TLC Systems' emphasis on telephone/IVR interaction means that Extracon will be able to reach populations that aren't served by web-only digital coaching products. We think TLC represents an important expansion of our capabilities and will increase the impact we can have on population health."

About Extracon Science 

Extracon Science LLC is a wellness technology provider based in Memphis, Tennessee. Extracon provides technology used by employers in their wellness programs, as well as private-label systems used by health insurance and population health management companies. Extracon's EcFit Team Challenge uses Digital Coaching and Social Networking to drive participation and engagement in a team walking, physical activity or weight loss competition. Extracon's EcFit for Coaches and Clients system keeps clients engaged in between human-coaching sessions by providing digital coaching. 

About InfoMedics

InfoMedics, Inc. works to break down walls that exist in health communications and enable doctors and patients to better communicate about a treatment experience. We facilitate this communication by inviting patients to provide feedback to their prescribing physician and deliver that feedback in a meaningful format directly to the physician. Our goal is to help physicians make more informed choices and patients to have a better care experience. Our approach is rooted in behavioral science which enables our biopharmaceutical clients to learn what makes some patients stick to the treatment plan, while others stop.

InfoMedics works with the world's top pharmaceutical companies, with brands, large and small, and at all stages and challenges that arise during the product lifecycle. Years of experience has generated proven results: the company's programs increase brand awareness and loyalty among prescribing physicians and improves adherence among prescribed patients. 

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