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July 08, 2005 13:25 ET

EzValidation Introduces EzPassport Plug-In for Fingerprint Authentication

Plug-In Adds Fingerprint Security To Existing Systems Such as Student ID Cards, Log-In Systems at Health Clubs & Employee and Visitors ID Systems

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 8, 2005 --EzValidation, Inc., a supplier of easy-to-use applications software and middleware for the development of authentication protocols for security and biometric systems, today introduced a new Software Development Kit (SDK) -- EzPassport™ Plug-in. The software easily adds fingerprint security features to existing security systems such as student ID cards, log-in systems at health clubs and employee and visitors ID systems.

EzPassport Plug-in masks the complexity of fingerprint sensor technology and the matching algorithms by providing an easy way to add low- and high-level functions for fingerprint authentication functions to an existing security system.

"Our goal is to make it easy to add fingerprint security functions to existing systems," noted Shoieb Yunus, CEO of EzValidation. "Our new EzPassport Plug-in makes it easy to add a fingerprint authentication layer to existing ID systems without getting into the complexity of the underlying fingerprint recognition algorithms."

EzPassport Plug-in adds a software abstraction layer built around the existing fingerprint authentication system and on top of sensors and algorithms.

What's Different?

Almost all sensor manufacturers provide a high level interface or SDK, but there is no standard for the high level functions provided for different sensors, so SDKs from different vendors force system changes if a sensor or data store changes. EzPassport Plug-in supports different sensors and data stores with the same interface. If a data store or sensor is switched, only the matching EzPassport Plug-in needs to be installed.

EzPassport Plug-in is COM-based and supports a variety of applications without rebuilding when a new or changed component is used, and SDKs from sensor manufacturers do not usually offer COM-based components. Most are distributed in the form of Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). These DLLs target mainly C++-based applications that require rebuilding with any changes.

Since EzPassport Plug-in is based on a COM-based architecture that supports automation, it can be very easily used with .NET platform and a variety of programming languages such as Visual Basic (VB), C# and as well as scripting languages such as JScripting, Java Scripting or VB Scripting. Because the EzPassport Plug-in is built in Microsoft Visual C, it can be used by C++ applications.

The EzPassport Plug-in provides options to customize a high level interface, whereas a manufacturer's SDK usually cannot be customized.

High Level and Low Level Functions

EzPassport Plug-in supports high level functions such as enroll, verify or identify a user, and integration of fingerprint authentication with minimal changes in an existing system. The details of the database interactions with the sensor and Graphical User Interface (GUI) are handled by the EzPassport Plug-in.

EzPassport Plug-in provides a standard set of low level interfaces for all the different variety of sensors and data stores. These low level functions are used internally to implement high level functions. A low level interface can access custom products. For example, if only the functionality of the authentication engine or database engine is required, the component can be accessed by a low level interface.

Windows application or web-based client can use low-level functions to customize authentication procedures, since the low level set of interfaces acts as a toolkit.

Price and Availability

EzPassport Plug-in for AuthenTec sensors ships next month and is available for Windows and web-based applications. Pricing starts at $7500.00 (USD). Plug-ins for other sensors will be available in September.

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