June 27, 2005 18:39 ET

FILTAKLEEN Receives Major Product Order From Leading Mining Contractor in Indonesia

SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 27, 2005 -- In a major expansion move into an important new market segment, FILTAKLEEN, Inc. (OTC: FKLE) has received firm purchase orders for nearly $455,000 from PT. Pamapersada Nusantara, the largest mining contractor in the mineral-rich Republic of Indonesia, it was announced here today.

Commenting upon this development, Mr. Denton Thiede, FKLE's sales and marketing Executive Vice President, said: "The receipt of this order marks the first major success in FILTAKLEEN's international marketing thrust. We hope to educate major equipment operators worldwide about the tremendous cost-savings they can realize by adding FILTAKLEEN's products to their fleets."

Curt Ence, FILTAKLEEN CEO, said: "FILTAKLEEN products have already proven their value to operators of large truck and other vehicle fleets. However, this order from our customer in Indonesia marks our first major penetration into the off-road equipment market. It marks an important first step, demonstrating to operators of mining machinery, farm equipment and industrial machinery that they too can enjoy the improved performance and substantial cost saving that FILTAKLEEN can provide."

About Pamapersada:

Major mining companies worldwide frequently conduct their own research and exploration. But once they identify a major commercially viable orebody, they often hire an independent mining contractor to provide the necessary men and machinery to actually operate the mine. That is the business of PT. Pamapersada Susantara, the largest mining contractor in Indonesia, the fifth-largest country (by population) in the world. Pamapersada presently operates more than 28% of Indonesia's total coal production. The major stockholder of Pamapersada is PT. Astra International, a publicly quoted holding company that manufactures automobiles, trucks and motorcycles and owns 359 automobile dealerships, and has partnerships and joint ventures with Toyota, Daihatsu, Isuzu, Peugeot, BMW and Nissan. For further information, please view the company's website at www.Pamapersada.Com.


FILTAKLEEN is a leading developer, importer and manufacturer of automotive products with a single goal: to generate dramatic cost-savings for the users of its products: the operators of large fleets of trucks, mining equipment, farm machinery, automobiles, military vehicles and industrial equipment worldwide. FILTAKLEEN products are already in daily use or testing by such major operators as Federal Express, Amoco BP, General Electric Power Systems, Florida East Coast Railroad, FINA, and other companies and government agencies worldwide. The Common Stock of FILTAKLEEN is quoted and traded in the national OTC market under the symbol FKLE. For further information, please view the company's website at www.FILTAKLEEN-USA.Com.

NOTE: In order to enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation of the importance of FILTAKLEEN's patented technologies, a 14-page full-color Corporate Profile is available to brokers, fund managers, and other professional investors upon request.


(1) This announcement and the Corporate Profile referred to above (the "Corporate Profile") have been compiled from information provided by FILTAKLEEN, INC. ("FKLE" or the "Company"). Both this announcement and the Corporate Profile have been published solely for information purposes, and are not an offer to sell nor the solicitation of an offer to buy any security.

(2) Particularly in view of the fact that the Company's business is in an early stage of development and it has realized only limited revenues from the exploitation of its principal technology, investment in the securities of the Company should only be considered by persons who are aware of, suited to, and able to bear the risks involved. These risks include, without limitation, possible adverse future economic and business conditions that may adversely affect the demand for its products, unforeseen competition from existing technologies and the possible future introduction of new technologies that may prove functionally, technically or economically superior, the possible unavailability of sufficient capital necessary for the Company to achieve its objectives or even to sustain its operations, its possible inability to develop or thereafter to maintain sufficient capacity to meet customer demand, its possible inability to successfully expand the scope of its operations, and its possible inability to introduce its technologies to areas in which it may have no or limited prior experience.

(3) The Company's investor relations representative and its officers, directors and principal stockholders are paid consultants to and stockholders in the Company. However, none of them have been nor will be paid any specific amount for the preparation or distribution of this announcement or the Corporate Profile.

(4) The president of PT. Pamapersada Nusantara, Mr. Sudiarso Prasetio, is an investor in FILTAKLEEN, and is presently a holder of FKLE's common stock.

(5) In compliance with the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, FKLE notes that statements contained in this announcement and the Corporate Profile that are not historical facts may be forward-looking statements that are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, those set forth above. Accordingly, FKLE wishes to caution readers of this announcement and the Corporate Profile that its future actual results may differ materially from those that any forward-looking statements may imply.

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