August 07, 2008 14:17 ET

FINAL UPDATE: JAJAH Smashes the Language Barrier

Talk English, Hear Chinese, From Any Phone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA--(Marketwire - August 7, 2008) - JAJAH, the world's most innovative IP telecommunications company, today announced the launch of JAJAH Babel, a real-time free phone translation service that allows anyone in China to call a local number, speak in English and immediately hear their message back in Chinese Mandarin. (Local JAJAH access numbers are also available in the U.S., UK and Australia.) With thousands of travelers set to visit Beijing this summer, they now have a simple translation tool accessible at the touch of a dial, powered by JAJAH.

JAJAH Babel is the latest breakthrough in JAJAH's mission to remove the barriers to global communication. No more translation books, no hand gestures, simply dial a local number, say your message in English and hear it back Chinese. The service also works in reverse for Chinese speakers who wish to have a statement translated into English. Bridging a communication gap, any phrase can be translated and shared with others by passing the handset or activating the phone's speakerphone function. No other free service provides such simple real-time translations at the end of a phone.

This is the first real-time translation service to come to market from JAJAH, with additional language support set for release in the coming months.

"JAJAH was built to bring down barriers to global communication through high quality, low-cost calls available from any phone, any network, anywhere. And now with JAJAH Babel, we are removing the language barrier and providing a valuable service to anyone traveling to Beijing this summer," said JAJAH Co-founder Daniel Mattes.

How does JAJAH Babel work? From English to Chinese or in reverse:

-- Dial JAJAH Babel from any phone. U.S. local access number:  +1-718-
-- Choose which language you want your message translated into (either
   English to Chinese or Chinese to English)
-- Say your message and press #
-- You will be able to confirm that your message was properly
   understood by the system.
-- The message will automatically be played back in Chinese. If you
   wish, simply hand your phone to the other person or put the phone
   on loudspeaker so they hear the message.
-- The other person can then record a message in Chinese, following the
   steps above, and you will hear their message in English.

This free service is available from any phone, without restrictions. For more information, visit


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