SOURCE: Atmospheric Water Systems Inc.

October 03, 2008 10:25 ET

Fight for Clean Drinking Water Gets Serious

Atmospheric Water Systems Provides Novel Solution

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA--(Marketwire - October 3, 2008) - Finding clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult and communities are already engaged in nasty legal battles over water rights. California has estimated it may run out of clean drinking water for its citizens within 20 years. Plus, a new awareness of the bacteria and parasites that currently contaminate our drinking water and the environmental cost of bottled water are also fueling intense debate.

Up until the 1960s, unfiltered tap water was considered to be the standard and safe source for drinking water. In the following years, however, environmentalists and the media drew attention to the dangers of water contamination and overnight water filtration and bottled water companies were born. These alternatives have fallen short of solving the clean water crisis.

Water filtration systems in the home simply cannot remove 100 percent of the lead, chlorine, pesticides, organic chemicals, and various microorganisms from ground water that has traveled through municipal pipes. Bottled water companies are under attack on three fronts: the water quality is sometimes not any better than unfiltered tap water; most of the plastic bottle containers cannot be recycled; and there is an enormous cost to the environment to truck this water around the country.

A California company has created a way for people to make their own ultra-clean drinking water from the air in their home, even if they live in a desert suburb.

Through an innovative technology, an appliance about the size of a small office water cooler condenses the moisture in the air, filters the collected water through a five-stage filtration system, and stores the water for consumer use in hot and cold dispensers. "We make it rain," said Stephen Krauss, Ph.D., the executive vice president of Atmospheric Water Systems Inc., the company that makes a product called the DewPointe Atmospheric Water Generator ( Since the water is created in the home, no bottled water or tap water can come close to its purity. DewPointe water is 99.99% free of all chemicals, solids and contaminants.

Stephen R. Krauss has over 30 years of executive management experience in sales, manufacturing, marketing, advertising and promotion, wholesale distribution. He has an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts with minor concentrations in biology/life sciences, math computer science, a graduate degree in education (lifetime Secondary Teaching Certificate), a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in International Business.

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