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KINGSTON, NY--(Marketwire - October 22, 2009) - When it comes to cigars that are "figured" or "tapered," there are many names to describe these special cigars., a leading online distributor of brand name, premium cigars from around the world, carries the best shaped, figurado and tapered cigars, with the information customers need to buy them.

"While the most common cigar shape is the parejo, or corona, which has a cylindrical body, straight sides, one end open, and a round tobacco-leaf cap on the other end, figurado cigars have recently seen a surge in popularity," said Greg Fox, General Manager of

Just like wrapper shades, cigar companies can call any cigar anything they want. Some of the many names for shaped cigars include:

--  Pyramid -- tapers the entire length of the cigar from foot to head.
--  Torpedo -- only tapers off the head and the taper does not extend
    through the length of the cigar.
--  Belicoso -- almost identical to a Torpedo but the taper is not as
    drastic and the tip tapers off very quickly.
--  Perfecto -- like a Torpedo but both the foot and the head are tapered,
    creating a classic Cuban shape.
--  Figurado -- like a Perfecto, but usually has a taper through the
    entire cigar plus both ends of the cigar are tapered like a Perfecto. This
    also refers to any odd size that a cigar maker may introduce. (Arturo
    Fuente has manufactured figurados in exotic shapes ranging from chili
    peppers to footballs and baseball bats.)

"Shaped cigars are very unique and usually only the best rollers at a particular factory are hired to roll them. They are usually considered to be of higher quality because they are more difficult to make," said Fox.

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