SOURCE: FindWhere

January 15, 2008 09:07 ET

FindWhere Acquires Navteq Global LBS Challenge Finalist

Web Integration's Livecontacts Enables FindWhere to Expand to Mobile Phone Market

POTOMAC FALLS, VA--(Marketwire - January 15, 2008) - FindWhere, a global leader of precision tracking and location services, announced today that it has acquired Web Integration's Livecontacts platform. The platform is a mobile phone based social networking service. Livecontacts was a 2005 Navteq Global LBS Challenge Finalist.

As a result of the Livecontacts acquisition, all of the Livecontacts 8,000 users will migrate to the FindWhere Mobile platform. With FindWhere Mobile, individual cell phone users can share their location and related media content from their mobile phone with their social network. FindWhere Mobile adds location to social networking for those with an active lifestyle and provides peace of mind services for parents, travelers or employers using a standard Mobile Phone.

"By joining FindWhere we bundle our strengths in the fields of fun, control and peace of mind. We can grow more rapidly and launch our services internationally," says Maurice Weijgand, CEO of Livecontacts. "We benefit from the support departments that FindWhere has available in Europe, America and Asia which enable us to better service our existing customers and roll out the services in new geographical regions. We expect to be able to offer free, new and improved location based social networking services to a global community within the next two months. The synergetic effect will clearly improve the fun and social networking experiences of our users."

"Livecontacts strengthens our R&D team with experienced resources whom have shown they can perform in the LBS arena," says Jaap Groot, CEO of FindWhere. "It's proof of how serious we are in staying ahead of competition, while at the same time leading the way in the mobile phone tracking space providing peace of mind solutions. We see the consumer adoption of location as an important driver for new services and the next major initiative for FindWhere."

The new service is branded FindWhere Mobile and works with all GPS enabled phones to provide tracking capabilities. It leverages the most advanced and wireless technology to process locations as frequent as every second. With FindWhere's tracking solutions, people and businesses have the security of knowing where. Today, FindWhere is the tracking service of choice for more than 18,000 users and tracks well over 200,000 mobile devices.

About FindWhere:

FindWhere is a global leader in real-time GPS tracking and location services using today's most advanced satellite mapping and wireless technology. Best-in-class tracking solutions and location verification benefits include: enhanced security, virtual surveillance, remote work-force management, asset monitoring, and overall personal, family and employee safety.

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