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November 15, 2006 05:00 ET

Finisar Eliminates "Fabric Blindness" Within Enterprise SAN Infrastructures

Unveils Deep SAN Monitoring and Analysis Solutions Designed to Increase Application Availability in Today's Complex Enterprise Data Centers

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 -- Finisar Corporation (NASDAQ: FNSR), a technology leader in fiber optic and test and measurement solutions for high-speed data networks, today unveiled NetWisdom® Enterprise, a family of deep SAN monitoring and analysis solutions and services that increase application availability and optimize performance in enterprise storage environments. NetWisdom Enterprise was created to eliminate "fabric blindness," or the inability to look deeply into the SAN to diagnose, analyze and prevent outages and brownouts that increasingly plague today's complex, multi-vendor data centers. The new software, hardware, and services suite provides real-time and historical insight into application latency and bandwidth consumption, early detection of link and device failures, congestion, errors, and advanced notification of other SAN problems. These issues, if undetected, can cause network downtime, application slowdown, and ultimately revenue loss for global enterprises.

"It's ironic that the largest, most sophisticated IT shops in the world are the ones most likely to have hidden problems," said Steve Duplessie, Founder, Enterprise Strategy Group. "The issue is visibility -- or the absolute lack thereof. We have no idea what issues we have, and where, most of the time. When you add virtual services into the infrastructure, you only compound the problem. It's like driving blind -- you can wing it for a while, but sooner or later you will hit something."

While current SAN monitoring solutions such as SAN Fabric Management, SRM/Storage Management and Framework Management solutions provide insight into storage capacities, utilizations, and topology, they do not provide deep visibility into SAN data paths or analysis capabilities on a per application, per I/O basis. Finisar NetWisdom Enterprise is the only comprehensive solution that monitors each individual port at the I/O transaction packet level, allowing administrators to quickly pinpoint the root cause of critical known or hidden issues. In addition to detecting failed devices, NetWisdom Enterprise also analyzes deteriorated devices, congested links, and other errors which cause brownouts or slowdowns.

"While enterprise SAN environments have become a critical part of today's global business, they have also become increasingly difficult to manage," said David Buse, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Tools Division, Finisar. "With the widespread adoption of new technologies like storage virtualization, quickly identifying trouble spots is beyond the skills of many storage administrators. Revenue, profit and company reputations are at risk. This has made infrastructure monitoring, analyzing, and diagnosing an absolute must for global businesses. It is also important to understand that NetWisdom Enterprise was developed not to replace the current SAN Management, SRM and Framework Management solutions, but to make them better."

"NetWisdom is paying for itself multiple times every day as we are constantly being contacted about various issues that we can quickly identify and respond to in an intelligent manner," states Simon Close, Technical Team Leader, Halifax Bank of Scotland. "It has been a powerful and vital addition to our SAN infrastructure."

NetWisdom Enterprise solutions include SAN-wide fabric level monitoring, end-to-end link and protocol level monitoring, protocol level trace analysis, a trending database and an intuitive user interface. These essential functions are required to eliminate "fabric blindness."

Finisar further offers its state-of-the-art SAN monitoring, diagnosis and analysis technologies as service offerings, delivering benefit to customers that lack in-house expertise. These services are offered on-demand or at predetermined intervals.

Finisar delivers NetWisdom Enterprise solutions and services to its valued customers through strategic, global ecosystem of partners. The company's solutions improve customer satisfaction levels by significantly reducing issue resolution time for storage equipment vendors' field service organizations. This enables storage system integrators and managed service providers to accurately monitor SLAs and to augment their service offerings with the deep fabric insights provided by Finisar's technologies.

"Combined with IBM storage and fabric equipment, Finisar NetWisdom Enterprise products enable an industry unique solution for SAN maintenance and performance tuning," said Steve Boettcher, Director, Data and Storage Services at IBM Global Technology Services. "This IBM GS/Finisar joint solution will enable customers to consistently and continuously monitor and enhance the availability of their SANs, as well as providing vital information for smooth change management."

Finisar NetWisdom Enterprise solutions and services provide deep fabric visibility to quickly diagnose issues and prevent future problems in their SAN infrastructure thus enabling them to ensure critical enterprise applications have uninhibited, unrestricted access to the data, every time.

NetWisdom Enterprise solutions and services are available now.

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