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August 28, 2006 07:00 ET

Five Killer Music Podcasts Join PodShow, Creating Chart-Topping Shows Featuring Top Artists From the Podsafe Music Network

"Most People Are DJs," "Musicians Cooler," "No Idle Frets," "Reaching for Lucidity" and "PodShow Radio" Offer Listeners the Best Podsafe Music

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 28, 2006 -- PodShow, Inc., the premier brand in podcasting, today announced that five of the top independent music shows in podcasting music have joined the PodShow™ Podcast Network. "Most People are DJs," "Musicians Cooler," "No Idle Frets," "Reaching for Lucidity" and "PodShow Radio" form a cadre of killer programming that is bringing the best of Podsafe music to a growing audience.

"These guys know their stuff... each one has a unique approach to music and programming that you will never hear on traditional radio," said Adam Curry, cofounder and President of PodShow, Inc. "PodShow has always been the place to discover the best in new music. With audiences exploding and more music hitting the network every day, these shows are taking it to the next level... and I'm loving the ride!"

Show hosts enjoy promotion and feature placement across PodShow's network and leading directories, Podcast Alley and, as well as the ability to relate to their audience face-to-face via their shows' communities on PodShow+. They also have access to the best of music on Podsafe Music Network and are featured on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 102. Additionally, these shows are being delivered on PodShow's famous PodShowPDN, the first truly high-performance content delivery network meeting the specific needs of podcasting.

Fans can find these shows and meet the hosts on where they can download and enjoy their podcasts free of charge. These five unique shows add to the already impressive variety of podcasts featuring Podsafe music made available to listeners and producers alike, free, at PodShow's Podsafe Music Network™ ( To learn more about these show hosts and interact with fans of these shows and others, visit their show sites on and add their shows to your personal collection.

"Most People Are DJs"

Host Mikel O.D. explains that "Most People Are DJs" is a show born of frustration. "Traditional radio has gotten so bland," he claims, "that we have all become DJs, programming our own music and mixes." With great indie music and reviews from the fringes of pop culture, "Most People Are DJs" is giving the indie/alternative music lover a 30-40 minute break from their usual programming.

"Musicians Cooler"

This show is cool like a backstage pass. This is the show where musicians come to hang out and chill out... to trade advice on everything from new sounds to booking, gigging, technology, software, gear, and more -- host Dave Jackson has created the place for independent artists, producers, promoters and fans that want to get in on the inside of the music business.

"No Idle Frets"

If you love smooth guitar and hot hands, this show has your name on it. Get an eclectic mix of jazz guitar music from 1930s, 1950s be-bop, and electric guitar from the 1970s. Host Nick Carver brings over 30 years of jazz listening and jazz guitar playing to his show, adding insight about the artists and the history of jazz.

"Reaching for Lucidity"

Get that hard-driving American Rock mixed with the edginess of England's prolific music scene. "Reaching for Lucidity's" Eban Crawford is an American city boy stuck in small town rural England, mixing derisive observational humor into a playlist that always includes the next big podplay star.

"PodShow Radio"

Don't let the word "radio" fool you. This is the show that DJs dream they could make. It's the best-of-the-best in Podsafe music from around the world without the restrictions of program directors and vanilla playlists. Host Brent Bradley tears up the PodSafe Music Network and introduces us to the hottest new artists making moves on the podplay charts.

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