Flavour Gone

Flavour Gone

November 27, 2008 11:47 ET

Flavour... GONE! Supports Flavour Ban

KINGSTON, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Nov. 27, 2008) - University students Sam McKibbon, Catherine Kiewning and Jeffery Satchwill give a big thumbs-up to Bill 124, the Smoke-Free Ontario Amendment Act (Cigarillos) which was given second reading today in the Ontario legislature. The co-organizers of the youth-led Flavour...GONE! campaign are ecstatic that the Ontario government is considering the elimination of flavours in tobacco industry products which clearly target their demographic.

"Bill 124 accomplishes what our campaign wants" says Kiewning, who attends Concordia University in Montreal, "and we are thrilled that the Ontario government has recognized the danger of flavoured tobacco products which in our opinion directly target youth."

McKibbon, a Physical Education student at Queen's University in Kingston, agrees. "Cigarillos can be bought individually for less than $2, which makes them more susceptible to impulse purchase and more affordable for youth." He adds "Bill 124 will make them less enticing to cash strapped youth by requiring that they be sold in packs of at least twenty."

"The flavours in cigarillos and chew tobacco make them more appealing to youth who are experimenting" says Satchwill, a University of Ottawa student and expose youth facilitator, "and flavours like cherry, cotton candy, cosmopolitan and appletini appeal directly to the underage market, a market the tobacco industry wants to addict to their products to ensure their profits."

Recent studies have shown that the popularity of cigarillos has increased significantly in recent years and that cigarillos are being used more frequently by teenagers than adults. The Ontario Bill 124 will ban flavours thus meeting the primary goal of the Flavour... GONE! campaign which was launched by Kiewning, Satchwill and McKibbon in July 2008 to ask the federal government to ban flavours in tobacco industry products across the country. Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a federal election campaign promise on September 17, 2008 to do just that and the team hopes that the Prime Minister will be as good as his word.


Kiewning (Red Lake, ON), McKibbon (Dryden, ON) and Satchwill (Sudbury, ON) are all 'graduate' peer leaders of Smoke-Free Ontario Youth Action Alliance programs in Ontario public health units and they have gone off to their respective university careers as committed tobacco use prevention advocates. Flavoured tobacco products have been their specific concern for the past few years as they saw the use of flavoured chew tobacco grow in their peer groups in the Northern Ontario communities where they grew up. Since moving to attend university they are aware of the use of cigarillos in their larger southern Ontario university communities. While working summer jobs this year in health units back home they joined together to design and launch a national campaign to involve their peers in asking the federal government to ban flavours in all tobacco products. Since their launch in Winnipeg at the end of July 2008 they have gotten support from youth groups across the country as well as MP's, NGO's and other health organizations. See www.flavourgone.ca.

Please note the students have classes until 4:30 pm on the 27th and are unable to answer their cell phone while in class.

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