November 17, 2009 16:42 ET

Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Joins the Healthy Lunch Revolution

The New Way to Drink for People on the Go; Great Taste, Little Waste! Nothing Artificial and Great Value

GLOUCESTER, MA--(Marketwire - November 17, 2009) - Flavrz Organic Drink Mix has introduced a single serve pouch that's cool for school and anyplace where thirsty, healthy people are found. The liquid drink mix comes in a one-ounce foil pouch with a built in spout that makes it easy to add to cups or bottles of water on the go. The pouches flavor a 12-20 ounce serving of water. These on-the-go minis join the already popular 16 ounce glass bottles of Flavrz. Both can be mixed into reusable drink bottles at work or school.

Flavrz® is an organic concentrated liquid drink mix that you add to water. The liquid tastes much better than its powdered competitors. It makes a full-flavored, sweet drink, a lightly-flavored water, or anything in between. In spite of its sweet taste, Flavrz is low in sugar, only 35 calories per serving and completely free of artificial ingredients. It is sweetened with agave and some organic cane juice. Busy folks on the go are slipping pouches into backpacks, purses and pockets because they are healthy, light and environmentally friendly.

Schools, corporations, spas and gyms along the East Coast are offering the singles of Flavrz at water bars and in vending areas. By buying the flavoring instead of a fully constituted beverage, Flavrz eliminates plastic packaging waste that is swelling landfills.

Creator Karen Barth aims to change the way America drinks. Today's beverage industry is promoting too many products that are unhealthy for people and for the environment. Adding flavor to filtered tap water eliminates the waste associated with individual plastic bottles. Finding lower sugar, lower calorie beverages made with healthy ingredients is an important step in improving the American diet.

"The idea came to me as I was walking down the drink aisle in the supermarket," says Barth "and I couldn't find even one drink I would give my family -- so I made my own."

Unlike powdered mixes, the taste is clean and refreshing and requires little stirring. Many such mixes tout "natural flavor" but their ingredients labels are full of chemical names. Flavrz contains no artificial ingredients and offers a low-glycemic index as it is sweetened mainly with agave nectar.

Agave nectar is a healthy, all natural, low-glycemic sweetener derived from the cactus plant. Low-glycemic sweeteners do not spike blood sugar the way refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup do. Many dieters, parents of young children, and others who are looking for a natural alternative to refined sugars love agave for its ability to deliver a sweet taste with lower sugar content.

"The majority of bottled beverages are largely water, 95 percent or more, and the rest is sugar, artificial colorings, and chemicals," says Barth. "We need to change our awareness of what we put into ourselves and our kids."

Further adding to her "drink lifestyle" philosophy, Barth aims to spread the word about the waste the average consumer creates each year. Americans used about 50 billion plastic beverage bottles last year, but only 23 percent were recycled. That means 38 billion beverage bottles or 2.7 million tons of plastic, were wasted. "I'm frustrated seeing billions of barrels of petroleum being wasted in plastic bottle manufacturing. When you add that to all the pesticides and chemicals used in growing and manufacturing the ingredients, it contributes significantly to warming and polluting our planet. I think its time for a big change."(Container Recycling Institute)

Current single serve flavors are Cherry Berry, Tropical and Lemon/Lime. The bottles are offered in the three fruit flavors as well as Root Beer, Cola and Ginger Ale.

Flavrz is not just a beverage. It is part of a lifestyle that includes a commitment to healthy and planet-friendly hydration. Flavrz is available online at as well in health food stores, supermarkets, food coops and gourmet grocers.

A percentage of Flavrz profits are donated to environmental charities.

Flavrz is certified organic by OCIA and kosher by OU. It is distributed on the east coast by Albert's Organics.

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