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November 09, 2009 18:04 ET

Florida Peninsula Insurance Helps to Prepare Florida Homeowners for Tropical Storm Ida

Local Insurance Company Offers Tips on How Homeowners Can Be Prepared for the Worst This Storm Season

BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwire - November 9, 2009) - Florida Peninsula Insurance, a domestic property and casualty company writing multi-peril homeowners, condo and renters policies statewide, is helping to prepare Florida Homeowners for Tropical Storm Ida, which is projected to make landfall near Alabama before continuing across the Florida Panhandle, by offering a variety of tips to minimize loss and ensure safety.

"Now is a good time for Floridians to review their checklist and prepare for the impending storm," said Florida Peninsula President and CEO Roger Desjadon. "Knowing what to do will help keep you calmer and safer during and after a storm. Our knowledgeable teams of claims adjusters are here to help and answer any questions you may have before or after a storm."

Develop a plan:

--  Get the hardware items you need ahead of time -- If you wait until the
    last minute, some essential items may not be available.
--  Put everything you need in an easy-to-carry container.
--  Get some cash -- Financial institutions normally close for at least
    two days after a direct hit. ATMs may be out even longer.
--  Carry a list of important phone numbers with you.
--  Be sure you have your insurance company account number, and a phone
    number to call with claims.
--  Know what evacuation routes you are going to take.
Do a Household Inventory:

--  Complete this list on your computer, and send it to yourself by e-mail
    as well as place a copy in a safety deposit box. That way, you'll be able
    to access it from other locations if you can't get back into your home.
--  Warning: be sure you don't include sensitive information, such as your
    Social Security number, in an e-mail. Someone could intercept it and steal
    your identity.

Three key ways to minimize loss and ensure your safety:

--  Reinforce your garage door and tracks with center supports. About 80%
    of residential hurricane wind damage starts with entry through garage
    doors, says the Florida Alliance for Safe Homes.
--  Bring in anything from your yard that could become wind-borne, and ask
    your neighbors to do the same. The greatest threat to your home in most
    hurricanes is not the wind itself, but wind-blown debris that can break
    windows and doors.
--  Be especially alert and careful after the storm passes. More people
    are injured in a storm's aftermath than during the actual event. The most
    common culprits: downed power lines, sharp objects and dangerous debris. Be
    sure you don't use a power generator indoors or in any enclosed areas. And
    carefully assess any potential danger before beginning a repair job. Your
    safety is our number one concern.

If your property suffers damage, please take the following steps:

1.     Report your claim immediately by calling Florida Peninsula's
       toll-free claim number 877.994.8368.

2.     Take photos of the damage right away (and before any repairs).

3.     If safe to do so, make temporary repairs to prevent further
       damage and protect your property. Consider contacting a water
       extraction company to dry out your home.

4.     Keep detailed receipts and present them to the adjuster. (Be
       sure you have copies for your records.)
For additional information on hurricane and tropical storm plans and checklists, what you should include in your pre-storm checklist and how to prepare your house for a storm, please visit


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