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January 15, 2010 11:32 ET

For Modern and High-quality Infrastructure: Profitable Canada-Quebec Partnership for Cultural Infrastructure Projects

An Investment of Close to $18.9 Million Across the Province

ALMA, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - Jan. 15, 2010) - The Honourable Jean-Pierre Blackburn, Minister of National Revenue, Minister of State (Agriculture) and federal Minister responsible for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Region, and Mr. Serge Simard, Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife and Minister responsible for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Region, on behalf of Ms. Christine St-Pierre, Minister of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women, are pleased to today announce joint funding of up to nearly $18.9 million under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund for the completion of 11 new cultural projects in Quebec

"This announcement demonstrates the importance that our government places on the development of our cultural institutions," said Minister Blackburn. "With today's announcement under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, our government is creating jobs and supporting our cultural institutions. During the course of the second phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan, our priority will be the quick implementation of projects such as that of the Langage Plus artists' centre. Looking ahead, when the recovery is firmly in place, we will return to a balanced budget and will build the future economy on solid foundations."

"The Government of Quebec supports culture in all its manifestations at heart, because that is what feeds the sense of identity that cements the social cohesion necessary for the proper functioning of our community. With the support of the federal government, we are able to accelerate the realization of this work and to favour access to these quality places, as is the case with the projects announced today," declared Minister St-Pierre.

An $868,300 contribution for an artists' centre in Alma

In Alma, the ministers announced an $868,300 joint contribution for the renovation of Langage Plus artists' centre, derived as follows: $368,300 from the federal government, whereas the Government of Quebec is setting aside a $500,000 envelope under an agreement in principle. The municipality will inject close to $175,000 and Langage Plus will invest $61,700 in this project estimated at more that $1.1 million.

"The Langage Plus artists' centre is an important player in the visual arts milieu. It is essential to support its full development so that the artists and the community will have access to a place of stimulating and innovating creativity, and thereby be able to showcase the talent in our region," said Minister Simard.

Including the contribution of municipalities, 11 cultural projects totalling close to $23 million will materialize throughout the province.

The Government of Canada contribution for these projects comes from the new Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, which has a funding envelope of $4 billion for projects across the country and is part of Canada's Economic Action Plan announced in the January 2009 Budget. As part of this fund, the Government of Canada has committed to allocate $936 million for projects in Quebec.

The contribution of the Department of Culture, Communications and the Status of Women will be provided under the Quebec infrastructure plan, le Plan quebecois des infrastructures, announced in November 2007. It should be noted that the cultural component of the plan entails investments of $1.2 billion up to 2013. Together with the contribution of partners, it should generate global investments of more than 2 billion dollars. These new funds will enable the department to accommodate a greater number of projects under its current programs and to promote the attractiveness of cities and regions throughout the province, as it has with the investment announced today.

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Profitable Canada-Quebec Partnership for Cultural Infrastructure Projects

An Investment of Close to $18.9 Million Across the Province

The governments of Canada and Quebec could provide joint funding of close to $18.9 million for the completion of 11 new projects in Quebec under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund.

Langage Plus artists' centre in Alma

The renovation of the Langage Plus artists' centre in Alma, which is one of the 11 cultural projects, consists of fitting up the following spaces: a main exhibit hall, a multimedia room (audio/video), a documentation centre, three offices, and storage space for exhibit material. The project also includes the refurbishment of a multi-purpose room that will expand Langage Plus programming with major exhibits, projects with the community and special events: installations, creativity labs (audio, musical, multimedia, performance, etc) and collaborations with partners. Langage Plus also intends to renovate space in the basement to equip an education service, two workshops reserved for artists in residence, two offices, and a kitchenette.

Established in 1979, the Langage Plus artists' centre contributes to the cultural life of the region and positions the City of Alma as one of Quebec's cities outside the major urban centres that provides its residents with an innovative contemporary art venue.

List of 11 cultural projects announced today under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund

Construction of Laure-Conan de
La Malbaie library La Malbaie
Construction of a new library L'Ascension
Renovation of the Langage Plus artists' center Alma
Upgrading of the Charlevoix museum La Malbaie
Restoration of the Cote de Beaupre
interpretation centre Chateau Richer
Renovation of the Quebec Acadian museum Bonaventure
Renovation and expansion of the
maritime museum Magdalen Islands
Construction of a new library
in Saint Aime du Lac des Iles Saint-Aime-du-Lac-des-Iles
Restoration and upgrading of the
Alyne-Lebel Centre Quebec City
Relocation of the Francophone community
radio of Montreal Montreal
Asset maintenance of the
Saint-Alexandre music camp Riviere-du-Loup

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund at Work in Quebec

The Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, as well as the funding granted by Quebec, complements existing federal infrastructure funding by primarily focusing on short-term objectives for economic stimulus. To further these goals, the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund will focus on construction-readiness as the main project selection criterion. The projects selected will focus largely on the rehabilitation of existing assets, such as water and wastewater infrastructure, public transit, highways, roads, culture, parks and trails. In addition, the municipalities and non-governmental-organizations will contribute the balance of project costs.

The Province is quite familiar with its infrastructure needs throughout the region, as well as with the projects that, by their nature, are the most likely to get off the ground quickly and stimulate the economy in the short term. The Government of Quebec, therefore, identified projects that would meet the eligibility criteria of the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and would also meet the province's long-term needs. Each application was evaluated according to criteria such as construction-readiness, federal environmental assessment (EA) requirements and the amount of funding requested by the applicant.

To date, close to 214 projects have been announced under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, for a total contribution - comprised of federal, provincial, municipal and organizations' shares - worth close to $1 billion. These projects are in addition to those already announced under the pipeline renewal program, better known as PRECO.

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