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September 29, 2007 22:57 ET

For the Sake of Peace: Former President of Parliament of Iceland Speaks About Sri Chinmoy

REYKJAVIK, ICELAND--(Marketwire - Sept. 29, 2007) - Often there was the need but now it is a necessity to carry the word of peace between nations and among men. A new century has dawned and humanity is facing danger from different kinds of forces than before. The danger I was brought up with was beyond the iron curtain, clear and well defined. And then the wall collapsed and everyone sighed with relief. But that relief was short lived. Constantly we hear news of ambush and suicide attacks. Price is put on people's heads and innocent blood is spilled.

Brothers will fight

And kill each other

So it says in Voluspa(i) And the world comes to ruin.

Seldom if ever has the world picture been as dark or the lack of tolerance greater, the terror more threatening. But fortunately people always come to the fore, men and women who dedicate their lives to the message of peace, carry the word of reconciliation and emphasise those traits that mankind shares in common. It is this oneness that we need most today. To eliminate doubt and suspicion. To prevent unscrupulous forces from sowing the seeds of enmity between nations by misrepresenting religious doctrine and cultural tradition.

The humanitarian Sri Chinmoy has dedicated his life in campaigning for peace and oneness among nations. He has for decades visited nations, both wealthy and poor, to spread his message. He has also held meditations at the United Nations headquarters, dedicated to peace and oneness. He is a great friend of Iceland and has come here several times. A peace run in his name has been held every year over decades and more than once around the country with good participation and goodwill everywhere.

I am mentioning this for a good reason. I have, along with other members of parliament, nominated Sri Chinmoy for the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course because I know about his work and have met him on many occasions. I have a deep respect for him and appreciate the great work he has accomplished for the sake of peace and oneness among nations. Nobody with any self respect can take that work lightly. Stefan Ingi Stefansson, director of UNICEF Iceland, explained very clearly Sri Chinmoy's contribution to world peace and humanitarian aid in a national TV magazine last Tuesday. He raised the programme on to a higher level.

The author is the former President of Parliament and was one of 51 Members of Parliament of Iceland to nominate Sri Chinmoy for the Nobel Peace Prize.

(i) Voluspa is an old heathen poem, one of the main sources of old Norse mythology, describing the creation and the end of the world.

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