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December 30, 2009 10:30 ET

Forget Fads-This New Year, Lose Weight For Good

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Dec. 30, 2009) -

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Another new year, another new diet. What is it that makes us stuff food uncontrollably into our mouths through the holidays and then try to abstain from any semblance of sustainable eating throughout January? In case you haven't heard the news, fad diets don't work, period.

Forget about what happened over the holiday season. The past is past. This year make your New Year's resolution not just to shed those unwanted pounds, but also to keep them off for the rest of your life. Do you really want to find yourself back in the same state next January 1?

Here are five tips on making fat loss permanent from Tosca Reno, author of the best-selling Eat-Clean Diet® series.

1. Don't deprive yourself. Deprivation diets only lead to binges, which inevitably cause even more weight gain. Find a diet you can live with – one that includes a wide variety of food.

2. Make realistic goals. When you eat clean you will lose one to three pounds each week. If this seems too slow, remember two pounds a week is over 100 pounds a year. If you'd started a sensible diet last year, you'd have reached your goal by now.

3. Find a fat-loss friend. A weight-loss buddy is an invaluable resource. You can exercise together, swap recipes and share struggles. Chat rooms and forums are fantastic spots to meet like-minded people.

4. Write it down. Studies show that people who write down what and when they eat and how they feel while eating have a much greater chance at weight-loss success. Keeping a food journal helps you spot your stumbling blocks.

5. Avoid self-sabotage. Don't let one mistake turn into a whole day or week of overeating. Accept that you slipped and move forward. Have a large glass of cold water and make your next meal a healthy one.

"Like many, I spent years gaining and losing the same weight," says Tosca. "Then at the age of 40 I'd had enough. I gave up the fads and started eating clean, and have never had to worry about my weight since." Tosca Reno's brand new book, The Eat-Clean Diet® Recharged! has chapters on motivation, staying energized and making the Eat-Clean lifestyle work in the real world.

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